The Name Of The New Star Wars Movie Is...

Stormtrooper - Public Domain

The upcoming installment of the "Star Wars" film franchise has finished shooting and will be called "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Walt Disney Studios said on Thursday.

The film is scheduled to be released in December 2015 and will star Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o, Andy Serkis, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac.

"The Force Awakens" is the first of three "Star Wars" installments Disney said it would make after it bought "Star Wars" production company LucasFilm for $4.05 billion in 2012.

The film, in which original "Star Wars" actors Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will reprise their original roles, will be set 30 years after 1983's Episode VI: Return of the Jedi."

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Fast Fashion Needs to Slow Down

Arm Candy

Guest Post - Danielle

For most of us, the fashion journey begins in a magazine or a blog when we first find that perfect piece that we simply must own. The reality is that fashion’s journey starts long before that glittered ballet flat was even a twinkle in Steve Madden’s eye. After all, the conservation of mass law states that no new Tarina Tarantino ring can be created without the plastic first being conceived. Fashion doesn’t come out of thin air — it needs a little raw material.

Most of us picture factories in China pumping out Forever 21 t-shirt after Forever 21 t-shirt. And, to a degree, that’s somewhat accurate. But, the raw supplies needed to go into that shirt come from whichever countries can sell them the cheapest. For instance, if the metal for studs is cheaper in India, they’ll be shipped in to Chinese factories. If Tarina needs more plastic, she buys it from the United States, the biggest supplier of raw plastic.

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Chicago's Best Celebrity-Sighting Spots

The Windy City is an exciting place to visit, whether a celebrity sighting is scheduled or not. What is it about Chicago attractions that draw in the rich and famous? Let’s find out.

Bernard’s Bar in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

A sophisticated, yet cozy spot to grab a drink, Bernard’s Bar features modern cocktails, artisan wines, craft beers and seasonal drinks along with a menu of simple classics. The rich browns, suede-covered walls, local art and velvet banquettes lend themselves to the feeling of a plush, private bar, which is perhaps the reason celebrities are often spotted at this Chicago favorite.

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Four Hot Trends Started by Celebrities

Modern fashions are often inspired by the people we spend the most time looking at – celebrities. There's a reason that stars are often called "trend setters." Several of today's fashion trends got their start in Hollywood among the rich and famous. Here are four popular fashion trends from today and the stars that gave them to the world.

Diane Keaton and Menswear

What movie comes to mind when you see a woman in a loose button-up, bowler hat and slouchy slacks? If you're a fan of classic movies, Annie Hall could be what jumps into your mind. The character of this movie had the typical masculine style, what many fans of this trend don't know is that the clothing worn by Diane Keaton when she played Annie was actually her own clothing. Thanks to Keaton, today's women are enjoying the collared shirts, low-slung belts and lapels that characterized one of her most famous characters.

Nicole Richie and the McQueen Scarf

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Must Have Shoe Trends for Spring 2013

Spring is officially here, and trendy spring shoe styles are popping up like tulips. The unpredictable weather of spring is actually a fashion opportunity for those who love shoes; each fluctuation in the thermometer is a chance to show off something new from your footwear wardrobe. Rain or shine, this year’s shoe trends are sure to complement your legs and the feminine fashions of spring. 7 Must-Have Spring Shoes
  1. Rain Boots
April showers bring the best excuse to break out those cute rain boots. This spring, look for water-resistant womens bootsin floral designs, bright colors, polka dots and animal prints. If flats aren’t your thing, you can even find rain boots with a platform heel. To make these rubberized boots a little more cozy to wear, slip on a pair of super feminine lace-cuffed knee socks. Ankle Strap Sandals An ankle strap can elevate a simple sandal into something more elegant and feminine. Whether flat or with a high heel, look for ankle straps in pastel colors to go with the lighter colors of your spring wardrobe. If you don’t have the long, thin legs of a (Read More.....)