‘Big Brother’ Recap: Boogie And Frank Fight To Win The Power Of Veto


Couldn’t agree more on Shane. He was clearly born WITHOUT a spine.

1st time he was HOH, he spazzed out at the last minute, got scared, and put up two floaters, and was only able to correct his mistake when he won POV and put up Frank (only for CBS producers to intervene).

This time he’s HOH, he makes THE DUMBEST nomination speech I’ve ever heard (thanks for replaying it again CBS!), then completely WILTS from questioning about putting up Frank/Boogie. Does he realize he’s the HOH? Does he realize he has the power?

Why not just say you put them up because you don’t think you’ll last long in this house with Frank constantly winning challenges, and Boogie is his biggest ally? That pumps up their ego and is a valid reason for putting them up. Did you really need Ian being a spy to tell you that it would be a good idea to get them out?

Have some self-awareness and realize that you are an idiot, and say as little as possible. No one is going to vote for Shane to win in the end, if he can’t even own up to making a good big move in the game.

My Theory on Dan: He’s jealous of Ian as a schemer, and realizes that Ian is going to get credit for getting out either Frank or Boogie. Remember it was Dan who would have got the credit/blame for turning on Boogie and getting Frank out of the game, when Boogie/Frank thought Frank was safe the week the coaches came back into the game.

I understand that Ian probably weighs 110 lbs, but I’m still pretty shocked that someone intelligent and an obsessive student of the game, wouldn’t be thought of as a potential schemer in the making.

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