‘My Free Reusable Bag’: Coles Customer Steals Shopping Basket To Protest Plastic Bag Ban

The customer posted a photo of their haul to Coles’ Facebook page, where many have voiced their displeasure at the ban. “I’ll leave my free reusable bag out the front for your collection, Coles,” the shopper wrote, adding a smiley face emoji.

Another shopper went even further, loading an entire trolley into the back of their car. “No bag, no problem? We’ll take the trolley,” Eddie Nahri said in a video posted to Facebook, which went viral after being reposted by the Humans of Bankstown page.

“Leb in Sydney taking action,” he wrote in the original post. “They can come collect their trolley from my street. Lol. I’m creating jobs!”

One woman warned she had been reported to the police once for doing the same thing. “Got pulled over that night and made to report to the police station the next day,” Louise Mechin said.

“When I returned said trolley I was barred for life from the store. So I did what anyone would do... Went back there the next day and did some shopping.”

Other shoppers accused the supermarkets of hypocrisy due to the abundance of plastic packaging on the majority of products, and of profiteering by charging for reusable options when lightweight plastic bags were previously handed out for free.

“Hypocrites,” Phil Youraz said. “Get rid of all plastic. It’s a money-making scam.”

Kheila Warheart posted a photo of photo of plastic-wrapped “Kids Pack” bananas. “Absolute lies,” she said. “If you really cared you wouldn’t do things like this. It doesn’t take two years come on! You haven’t listened to us at all. No more pre-packaged produce! We want paper bags!”

Source : https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/my-free-reusable-bag-coles-customer-steals-shopping-basket-to-protest-plastic-bag-ban/news-story/fb8845952eb7ce70e04c0cc81d0c7614

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