‘Scandal’ In The White House: The Craziest Storylines From The Shondaland Show

Finales on long-running shows are joyous, if not somber. They're a loving farewell to fictional friends and imaginary enemies. They wrap up plots and romances and mysteries. They bring closure in a real world that rarely has happy endings. The "Scandal" finale, though, comes as a relief. No more OPA. No more Defiance. No more Olivia-Fitz-Jake love triangle. No more Huck and Charlie dismantling human beings piece by piece. No more David Rosen reminding everyone that he's the Attorney General of the United States. No more "Scandal." No more absurdity. Just quiet.

Source : http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/scandal-craziest-storylines-shondaland-show-article-1.3942035

‘Scandal’ in the White House: the craziest storylines from the Shondaland show
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