\'Big Brother\' Blowout: First Head Of Household And Nominations Tear The House In Half, Reducing A Robot To Tears

Thursday was an uneventful night of

"Big Brother," and then suddenly it was one of the most exciting and mind-blowing nights of the season, so far.

The live eviction went the way we predicted, though the vote was much tighter than we anticipated. There is a clear divide in the house, but what no one anticipated was all of the non-aligned players gravitating toward one alliance. The problem is that the Level 6 alliance was filled with all the bros and she-bros, and they didn't seem interested in really connecting with the others in the house.


Source : http://toofab.com/2018/07/06/big-brother-first-eviction-head-of-househould-hoh-steve-sam/

'Big Brother' Blowout: First Eviction and Unpredictable New HOH Turn Game Upside Down
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'Big Brother' Blowout: First Head of Household and Nominations Tear the House in Half, Reducing a Robot to Tears
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