\'Big Brother\' USA: Power Of Veto Played, Nominations Changed

Upstairs, Amanda tells Elissa that it's tough to see GinaMarie act like she's her friend when she's talked a lot about her behind her back. Amanda then asks again whether Elissa would ever put her on the block, and while she insists that she "hasn't even thought about it", Amanda wants a guarantee, which makes Elissa burst into laughter. Amanda then turns on the waterworks, claiming that she's never felt so defeated and she's always had Elissa's back. Well, Elissa's got her right where she wants her. Let's just hope Amanda doesn't win the Veto.

Later that afternoon, a special guest comes to visit the house. It's the Zingbot 3000! McCrae gets zinged about always wearing shorts because Amanda wears the pants (ha!), while GinaMarie's zing is about Nick feeling like he's been swept away into a cinematic love story: Fatal Attraction. Zingbot also delivers a classic floater zing to Andy, a mean girl zing to Aaryn and a "tramp stamp" zing to Amanda. Who doesn't love the Zingbot?

Now it's time for the Veto competition, and it's Zingbot themed! There are a bunch of batteries, robots, a weird metallic cake... it's all very bizarre. Baby Zingbot is a year old, as well! In front of each player is an energy charger. Using metal balls, they'll roll them up a platform and then run to the other side to catch it. Every time it rolls over the top, they generate one power unit. If the ball hits the ground, they go back and start over. The first houseguest to get to 250 power units wins the Power of Veto. This is going to be a long one.

Aaryn drops the ball, as do McCrae, GinaMarie and Elissa. Uh oh, this isn't shaping up so well. Amanda is actually taking the lead, but Judd is right there with her, so it seems to be a race between the two of them. Judd starts getting dizzy and actually drops his ball. Are you kidding me? He then sits down and waits it out - after vomiting, of course. GinaMarie is close up behind Amanda, and she's got to take over. Then, the worst case scenario happens: Amanda wins the Power of Veto. She and McCrae aren't going anywhere this week. Uh oh.

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Amanda finally won something for the first time all season, so of course she'll have to gloat about it forever. She, McCrae and Andy discuss who is going to go on the block in McCrae's place, since obviously Amanda is taking him down. Meanwhile, upstairs, Elissa and Judd discuss the turn of events and Elissa is in tears, saying she's certain she's going to go home now because everyone who turns against Amanda always does. Elissa finally declares that whoever she chooses to go up on the block is going to make a big impact in Amanda and McCrae's game.

Soon after, Amanda and Elissa get in a fight when Amanda gets aggressive and in her face. Elissa makes a silly joke about how she threw the competition and Amanda flies off the handle, insulting her and telling her she's coming after her. Amanda also tries to hatch a "master plan" to get GinaMarie on the block instead of Andy. She starts screaming about Elissa's "fake-ass extension hair" and "collagen plumped lips" while blowing on a streamer. She also points out that Elissa has no one in the game and just goes insane, gloating while everyone else sits out in the garden looking on in shock and horror. Elissa is tucked away in her HoH room and doesn't come out, despite Amanda's harassment. What is wrong with this woman?

Andy's being a bit of a scumbag himself, using the situation to try and convince Elissa that he's on her side and thinks what Amanda's doing is disgusting. Elissa thanks him for coming up but doesn't seem all that convinced by his whole vow that at least now she has one friend. Come on, Elissa, you're smarter than this!

At the Veto ceremony, Amanda uses the Power of Veto to take McCrae off the block, obviously. Elissa has to name a replacement nominee, and thankfully, she chooses Andy. Amanda isn't too pleased, saying to Elissa, "Sit down, trash!" Uh, how the hell is she getting away with talking to her like this? Oh right, this is the same show that never stepped in when Candice was getting bullied for being black. Ugh, this show.

Who's going home? Hopefully Andy, but you'll have to tune into CBS on Thursday, August 29 at 8/7c to find out.

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'Big Brother' USA: Power of Veto played, nominations changed
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