Big Brother 15 Episode 6 Recap: A Special Guest And A Veto Fit For A Baby!


Big Brother 15 Houseguests donned baby clothes to compete for the Power of Veto competition and normally I’d make fun of what they were wearing and the competition as a whole, but like Andy said, since it’s a house full of babies, it was some how appropriate.

Wednesday night’s episode picked up right after Aaryn nominated Elissa and Helen. Aaryn’s DR session tells us that Elissa is her target and again she mentions revenge on David.


Elissa and Helen are annoyed because Aaryn said Helen was guilty by association. They head off to the Have-Not room to console each other. Elissa comforts an upset Helen by telling her she’s not going home because Elissa is the target.

Candice chimes in again with her theory that there’s an all-guy alliance and that they probably used Aaryn to do their dirty work. Close. Candice is definitely using her brain more than most of the houseguests. But will she be able to use her suspicions to out the Moving Company? We’ll have to see.


It’s MVP reveal time again! We get the silly music and the shot of just the feet as if we don’t know that it’s clearly Elissa. And it is. She again gets to nominate a third houseguest for eviction. Elissa heads off to tell Helen she won and they agree to not tell anyone about it this time. And immediately Jeremy’s name comes up for the nomination.

But Elissa thinks logically and wonders if it’s too risky to put him up and give him a chance at winning veto. Helen tells Elissa it’s a better idea to just nominate him up front in case someone doesn’t use the veto and they can’t backdoor him.

Showmance Alert #4. This time it’s the Nomance that includes GinaMarie acting sad and pathetic begging Nick to like her, kiss her and marry her. She’s his side-alliance and nothing more and he’s her summertime romance. He just doesn’t know it.


Poor, sad GinaMarie. I’m so embarrassed for her.


It’s time to find out the MVP’s nomination. The photos on the screen scroll to a stop on Jeremy. His response: “Let’s do this.” Aaryn’s response: “Shocker.”

The veto players are Aaryn, Jeremy, Elissa, Helen, Amanda and Nick. Elissa gets to work on getting Nick to throw the competition and Aaryn heads off to call Elissa every version/combo of bitch that exists to Kaitlin.


It’s veto competition time, but first we get a message from Britney from Big Brother 12 and 14. She showed up on the screen to introduce the competition since it’s a baby theme and she’s almost due to have her first baby. And they have to “help Britney” put together a giant baby mobile. And then they have to balance it or something. Those details of these sill Big Brother games aren’t important. What is important is how cute Elissa and Nick looked in their onesies. Jeremy just looked like the giant dork he is.

But name-calling aside, Jeremy won the Power of Veto, just like he said he would.

Candice goes back to her guy’s alliance suspicion and asks Elissa to not put up a girl if Jeremy uses the veto on himself. Candice tells Elissa about her suspicions and putting up a guy is the best move. Elissa goes to Nick to see he plans to vote for her and he can’t say no. So that gives her the out to put Nick up in Jeremy’s place.

And of course Jeremy uses the veto on himself. And then the new MVP nominee is revealed and it’s Nick. So tomorrow night, Nick, Elissa or Helen will be walking out the door. Who do you think that will be? Who do you want to stay?

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Big Brother 15 Episode 6 Recap: A Special Guest And A Veto Fit For A Baby!
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