Bodega Bamz Goes From Harlem To Hollywood With Role In New Series ‘SMILF’

Um, yeah, so PAPI, it's been a project that we been working on for almost two years and it's been a homecoming project. It's gonna be project that people are gonna adore, they gonna love. Whatever people remember me for, they gonna love it whenever it comes out. Right now, projected, I'm probably gonna release it next year, but in between those times, I'm gonna keep releasing songs and keep on engaging my fans I have right now ’cause my fans are super special to me. They're super beautiful because they been with me since the beginning and I could never forget about them no matter if I become a movie star I'm always gonna cater to them in some way or form, but definitely, PAPI is gonna drop next year.

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Bodega Bamz Goes From Harlem to Hollywood With Role in New Series ‘SMILF’
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