Boogie Down Bites: Loeser\'s Kosher Deli & Caterer

A Bronx deli has been bringing traditional kosher eats to the borough for over five decades.

Loeser's Kosher Deli & Caterer on W. 231st Street opened in 1960 by owner Fredy Loeser.

Loeser still works at the store and he's been serving the community delicious Kosher food ever since.

Known for its overstuffed sandwiches and other traditional delicacies, Loeser's has even come up with its own originals.

The 'Knish Wish' is a combination of a potato knish, and a pastrami sandwich.

Layers of homemade pastrami, mustard, and sauerkraut are loaded in between a sliced potato knish.

Everything is made in house, Loeser says and he intends to keep doing it that way just has he has for the past five decades.

“Old fashion is only the best,” Loeser says.

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