Build A Bear Promotion Craze Hits Lakeside Mall With Long Lines, Coupons For Some

Leonard Sawchuk: When in Lincoln City, check out Pier 101 for fresh seafood. We recommend the “Captains Plate” for a generous bounty of clams, oysters and fresh fish.

Sherry Stephens : Who has children that are dogs? Perfect, you are like my family! After long work weeks and A yearning to spend time with your furry friends for some fun and R&R..where do you go? Odysius Hotel! WINE social, comfy robes and did I say “view’? Starving? Steps outside this fabulous retreat is Kyllos! Halmac to die for (must have) and crab melts! Captivating view keeps you in? Get Klyllos to go. A second night in order? Pick up that phone and call Gullucies pizza!! Thank me soon!

Cathy Sewall: Just south of Cannon Beach, the small, quiet town of Manzanita has been a favorite of ours for many years. Manzanita has a wonderful beach, great restaurants, motels, art and gift shops, golf course, and is close to Nehalem Bay State Park, where one can ride on the beach using their own horse or one of the many rental horses. The best thing about Manzanita is that it is the most “dog-friendly” town we have ever found in Oregon! Motels welcome all dogs, and the main street shops have water dishes outside their doors for your four-footed friends. There is a fun little doggie gift store on the main street. Everything is within walking distance from your hotel, including the beach. Both you and your dog will love it!

Linda Walrath: Oregon Coast Visit – Depoe Bay. It has a beautiful view of the ocean on 1 side and many fun and yummy shops on the other side. Great for storm watching or fantastic sunsets. Best place to eat for a nice lunch or to relax to a romantic dinner , is a place called Tidal Raves. Warm decor and sits over a cliff side with glass windows all around to view the ocean. You can see whales spouting during season, otters on the rock sides below to enjoying fantastic seafood! What a view, great food, and desert is worth waiting for. From a huge choc. chip alamode cookie to rum cake & more. Shop, relax and breathe that ocean air with a great view. Price is right& they have other items for non seafood lovers. What a way to start your day or end with!

Kim J. Buslach: While traveling on the Northern Oregon Coast, a great “all-in-one” stop is the gas station next to the Tillamook Country Smoker on the east side of Highway 101 in Bay City. There you can gas up your vehicle, get a bite to eat at their deli, and pick up some treats from the Tillamook Country Smoker and Tillamook Creamery. I always stop there when I’m in the area to stock up on jerky, pepperoni, and cheese spread! It’s nice to hit one place for everything rather than making several stops. Not to mention, the staff is friendly, the store and restrooms are always clean, and their prices are competitive.

Greg Robins: When in Taft, stop by the Beach Dog Cafe for the best bran muffins around. The owners love dogs, too!

Anne Rothert: Driving through Lincoln City on our way to our first week long camping trip together, my boyfriend and I noticed a sign “$59 and up”. We noted it as a possibility for a motel night after a week in the woods. We stopped back at what turned out to be the Historic Anchor Inn. Walking into the Inn we were immediately delighted. It’s a renovated 1940’s motor inn. Filled with old movie and nautical themed items, it’s almost like a museum you can stay in. Our lodge room included sitting room, bathroom and bedroom. We hadn’t noticed before it is walking distance to Roadhouse 101, where that night we danced to one of our favorite bands. The next morning we were thrilled at the home-style breakfast included in the price. Several times a year, we check the band listing at the Roadhouse and reserve our favorite room at the Inn.Steven McClure” The most fantastic place in all of Oregon is inside you. Wherever you go will more likely be worth the trip if you arrive in one piece, with peace of mind. If you believe the journey is as important as the destination consider the roads of Oregon, specifically the stretch ahead of you, well behind the vehicle you follow. The Oregon driver’s manual discusses “following distances” and “space cushions.” You’ve heard the lecture: avoid accidents, potholes and other hazards. You’ll be more comfy with a good cushion. You can’t control the car behind you, but you’ll be surprised how often they back off and quit riding your tail if you “refuse” to be pushed tighter behind the car in front of you. You’ll still get there about the same time, safe and sound, even if you’re just going to work! “

Mary Armstrong: “A few miles past Canon Beach on Hwy 101 there’s an almost unnoticeable “State Park” sign leading to a small park. The beach itself is sheltered on both sides by capes jutting out. The cliff on the right can be traversed by sand only during very low tide, and pocketing this cliff are several nifty caves to explore. There’s also a great trail carved into the rock itself, at least 5’ wide, that leads around the cliff.This rock path is both exciting and scary to walk, as here’s nothing to protect you from falling into the crashing waves below. It’s worth it to get to the cove on the other side, that has it’s own waterfall. After hopping the tide pools at the bottom of the cliff, you can trek to the waterfall where climbing huge boulders gets you to the top. From this ‘King of the Mountain’ perch, you can stomp around in the rocky stream, all the while taking in the sounds & sights of the great ocean expanse below. This beach is part of the Hug Point state park system, and it remains one of my very favorite places to get away to.“Joan M EdwardsWhen in Bend, Or, be sure to drive to the top of Pilot Butte where you can see for miles in every direction and read the historical information on the development of the area. Also can get great reception on a short wave radio to places all over the world.

Merilee Sommers: It’s a big secret – the Three Capes Scenic Route from Tillamook to Pacific City is a route not often traveled. Just 7 miles from Tillamook is Cape Meares Lake, stocked with trophy trout and is a site to view pelicans and 200 other birds. Stop there at The Cape House at Bayocean and meet Levi A. Than, an 8’ bronze whale tail fountain. Beautiful year round.

James Woodle: Restful and Scenic Cape Meares Oregon, with a stop at the newly re-opened Pacific House Resteraunt in Tillamook, Oregon (2102 First Avenue). Great menu and modest prices, with many Gluten – Free Entrees. A quick trip for a fantastic experience.

Lynn Jones: “ The treck up Neahkahnie Mountain on the Pacific Coast is a fairly easy hike suitable for beginners and ambitious hikers.The huge moss covered trees amidst the forest offer shade and coolness as you walk the switch-back trail up the mountain.The approximately one hour hike is so worth the sweat you might break when you see the view at the top.The panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean along the coastal towns of Manzanita and Nehalem Bay is awe inspiring and will take your breath away.“

Roxanne Meier: Every year around our anniversary (December) we head to the beach to celebrate. In addition to celebrating 20 plus years of marriage we do our christmas shopping for 3 teenagers, family and friends. We started doing this about 7 years ago and have so much fun that we look forward it every year. We stay at our favorite place, The O’dysius, we get up, have breakfast served in our room and then head out to the Tanger Outlet mall for a day of shopping. This is our tip: We love shopping at the mall, we find everything we need without the crowds, no long lines, no traffic jams, and GREAT deals in every store! We head back to our hotel for wine and cheese in the lobby with other hotel guest and Cody the hotel dog:) We return home refreshed, Christmas shopping done and we have a great holiday with our family.

Colette Fuchs: There’s a new restaurant in Bandon Oregon called “The Loft”. We recently were treated to excellent cuisine, superb service, a wonderful view of the Bandon Harbor, and full bar. We celebrated my birthday but my husband received a rare treat! The chef always prepares a clam chowder, and a special corn bisque with crab, both of which are totally gluten free. My husband loves to have soup, and we don’t often find soups that are gluten free. I had the fish and chips, and my husband had the scallops. Yum yum! Then, out of the blue, we were surprised to find the dessert menu has a flourless chocolate torte that is gluten free. It was devine! You’d have thought it was my husband’s birthday as he rarely gets the soups he adores or gluten free dessert choices. We highly recommend you try The Loft.

janet nettleship : I would love to share a great little spot to enjoy breakfast or lunch in the Taft area of Lincoln City. The Beach Dog Cafe serves the best breakfast around. The potato pancakes are fantastic crispy on the outside, moist on the inside served with apple compote and sour cream. The sausage is the best I’ve ever had. They are open for lunch too with a huge selection of “dogs” any combination that suits you from chili dogs, Coneys, fantastic potato salad. It’s all super – you can’t go wrong with anything served at The Beach Dog! The family owned cafe is operated by mom and dad and their son and daughter. All the food is made from scratch – even the pastries! The service is outstanding, the portions are very generous. You really feel like you are at home in this one of a kind gem. Try it the next time you visit Lincoln City – you’ll be gald you did!

Melissa Cadish: The Darlingtonia Wayside is way cool—yet not out of the way as you drive along the Oregon coast. Located five miles North of Florence, just East of Hwy. 101, this natural botanical garden is the only Oregon state park dedicated to protecting a single plant species: Darlingtonia californica. Better known as the Cobra Lily, this is also Oregon’s only carnivorous plant. It eats insects! Insects are attracted to the plants colorful leaves which emit a honey-like scent. Once inside the plant, insects are in trouble because the escape route is hard to find. An easily accessible wooden boardwalk takes you to the heart of the garden, where thousands of plants dine. There’s even a picnic area. Best of all, this unique “Garden of Eatin’¤” is free.

Chuck Fuchs : The BEST place to stay at the coast – be it stormy, bright blue sunshine, or something in between – is at Moolack Shores in their Hawaiian Room. Gorgeous unobstructed view of the ocean and along the shore for as far as you can see, generally with very few humans on the beach, no buildings in sight (except the lighthouse), just beautiful Oregon Coast views. This little hideaway is just north of Newport between Agate Beach and Beverly Beach. The walks and talks and relaxing times reading or napping.......I could go on for hours. My wife and I love to go and spend time enjoying the ocean and each other. There’s a stack of little journals in the room, and by the looks of it we’re definitely not the only ones who love to spend time at this Oregon spot.

Kathy Saylor: “Devil’s Lake campground in Lincoln City is a great place to camp, especially if you’re camping with kids. The campground has that woodsy feel with easy beach access, plus a beautiful lake for kayaking, boating, jet skiing and more. But probably the best part is the camping experience with the city just steps away – perfect for that emergency pizza when the hot dogs fall in the fire or a package of diapers to replace the ones left at home! And if it happens to rain, you can always visit the shops, have lunch, see a movie, and return to camp to enjoy the rest of your stay.“

Leonard Cogan: Karla’s Smokehouse in Rockaway Beach has the most incredibly delicious smoked fish. In business 45 years, Karla is an expert. This is a can’t-miss coast experience.

John Brenne: An overnight at the Adobe Lodge in Yachats, Oregon offers incredible views of the ocean,great food, and the chance to walk along the Oregon Coast at its wildest. Even lunch or breakfast in the restaurant, or a drink in the ocean front bar gives a traveler a taste of beauty not to be for gotten.

Robyn Stein : “Siuslaw River Coffee Roaster in Old Town Florence at the bridge, 1240 Bay Street, Florence, Oregon 97439.Cafe offering a great cup of coffee and spectacular view of the Siuslaw River and Bridge in historic Old Town Florence. You can also watch the coffee roaster at work! “

John Brenne: Baked Alaska Happy Hour, View, and Walk This restaurant in Astoria has brought happy hour to a new level. From 4:00 to 6:00 Monday thru Friday they offer mini crabcakes, babyback ribs, blacken fish tacos with Halibut, Yam fries(truly not to be forgotten), and cheap beer. Baked Alaska is located at No.l, l2st. (503) 325-7414. The views of the columbia are spectacular, and you can walk off your Crabcake along the waterfront.

Nancy matthias: On Thanksgiving morning, head out to Silver Falls State Park for a hike, looping around and seeing all of the waterfalls. No one is around then and if you’re lucky, there will be fog, a bit of mist, and a fine wood-smokey smell in the air.

Kay Olsen: On the beautiful oregon coast in taft, on 51st street, is the siletz bay. It’s a great place for the kids to play in the sand, feed seagulls, fly kites or just walk along the bay. When the tide is at it’s lowest, it,s so much fun to walk across the bay towards the salishan spit, where you can climb on the rocks, again feed the seagulls etc. When you walk back before the tide gets too high, you can then watch the seals swimming up the bay, watch fisherman & crab catchers. If you want to see the big ocean waves, just walk toward the ocean! At dusk, it’s fun to build a bonfire and make smores. We’ve done exactly what i’ve described for many years!

John L. Lynch: Twist Wine Company in Pacific City is located just southwest of the four-way stop downtown. The tasting room has a “retro” vibe,featuring vintage video games and a turntable for playing the vinyl record collection. The place is also family-friendly. Owners Sean and Chenin make several varieties of excellent wine. There is also a good selection of craft beers on tap,including “Pliny the Elder” from Russian River.

Nikki Brown: “Visit Tillamook County’s recent community art project! Three personality cows were placed throughout the county designed to celebrate Tillamook’s dairy heritage. Enjoy local food and goodies along the way. First cow stop: Hebo. Grab a mocha at the Yellow Lab coffee hut (pet the pooches while there) and wander up Hwy 101 (1/8 mile) to view the first cow statue.Second cow stop: Tillamook Transit Station (corner of Laurel and 2nd St. in downtown Tillamook). Check out the art work depicting Tillamook scenes including the world famous Pig n’ Ford races. Head two blocks west and stroll through the newly renovated 2nd Street Market. Third cow stop: Rockaway Beach. Park at the Rockaway wayside and you’ll find the third cow just to the north of the Visitors Center caboose. After a beach stroll, head to the Beach Bite for dinner. Order ‘Bite Me Softly Martinis’ and call it a day. “

Hank Batte: Grab a bag of saltwater taffy and stroll the Promenade in Seaside. Just off of the Prom, stop by and check out the historic Lewis & Clark Salt Cairn.

Steven Louis Faulkner : My favorite travel tip is to heade to Lincoln City for a romantic dinner at the Black Fish Cafe, this is my favorite place to eat on the Oregon Coast, the food and deserts are to die for. I would also include a stop in Depoe Bay at the Whale Museum and a stop at Otter Rock State Park to look for whales, watch the surfers and walk on the beach. I would finish off the evening with a sunset and a beach fire.

Craig Murphy : Every year we head to Newport OR for our family crabbing trip. We rent houses on the beach to enjoy the view. We launch our boat and spend many, many hours catching crabs in the bay. We all have a blast and appreciate opportunities to get the family together.

Larry Cwik: Picnic at Short Sands Beach – A jewel of the north Oregon coast is Short Sands Beach, in Oswald West State Park. From the parking lot along Highway 101, about 10 miles south of Cannon Beach, take the trail down to the beach, meandering through beautiful, towering fir trees, to a beach with lots of pebbles, and driftwood, and sand, and enjoy a beautiful, peaceful, picnic on the beach, which is in a wide cove, with rock headlands at both ends. It is unforgettable, and a scenic highlight of Oregon.Kirsten PenningtonAs you drive south on I-5 into southern Oregon, you emerge from the mountains on a sloping curve, and the snow-capped pyramid of Mt. McLoughlin fills your windshield. In the summer, you can climb this Mt. Fuji of the west – red dust filling your boots and socks and a boulder scramble to the top. Go on July 4 – and bring lots of water, your favorite person, a tent for two, and a Nalgene of red wine – and sit snuggled in your sleeping bag at the top of the mountain watching fireworks displays all over southern Oregon and Northern California. Wake up to a swift clip of wind, brew up a pot of coffee, see the slopes of Mt. Shasta glow pink with the sun, and welcome the first climbers to the top on July 5th.

Hazel Henneman: Go to Manzaneta Beach in Oregon, beyound wheeler and Garabaldi for the best feeling silky sand at dusk/dark; also one of the prettiest beaches.

Linda Johnston: To have a wonderful day trip or weekend getaway my favorite coastal trip is a step back in time and go to Wheeler. This little coast town has not changed in many years. We enjoy Salmon fishing, there is a dock which is rite on the beautiful Nehalam River. There is Crabbing near by.You can rent a boat and crab traps or just take a boat ride down the river where you can usually see a large herd of elk, eagles flying over and salmon jumping all around you. The best time of year is late Augest or early September.

Molly Batte: After a storm, head north of Elk Creek (in Cannon Beach) and explore the beach. You may be lucky enough to find the old Japanese fishing balls among the seaweed. Jeweled tones of ruby,emerald and sapphire – a rare and fun treasure to find while beachcombing!

Mike and Bonnie Lyne: “Enjoy an incredible summer surprise by being greeted with cobalt blue skies, eighty degree weather, and just the right amount of wandering tourists. When? Any Wednesday afternoon during Oregon’s true summer season after July 15. Where you ask? The outdoor Farmer’s Market, filled with artisans from near and far, on the outskirts of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Live music, Oregon wine and micro brews, crusty bread, crafts,local produce,fresh seafood, and the most silky, spreadable blend of bleu cheese that one could ever hope to afford. Our Oregon tip is repeatable, so go, you maybe wonderfully surprised as well.“

Carol Chadwick: While traveling down the Oregon coast last week, we arrived in Port Orford at lunch time. By a stroke of luck, we followed signs to the dock and stumbled across “Griff’s on the Dock”. We had the best meal of our trip here: Fresh red snapper fish and chips, and oyster sandwiches. The little restaurant also has fresh fish for sale. This is a winner, and I have a great photo of this little restaurant with authentic dockside ambiance!

Robert Byrd: Climb to the top of the Astoria Column for a great view, rain or shine!

JJ Morris: Ecola Beach State Park lies just to the north of Cannon Beach but appeals to a different crowd. There are no stores or restaurants, just stunning Oregon splendor. The pines and cypresses seem to want to take a dip in the ocean. The waves strive to water the trees. The interplay is breathtaking especially when the fog renders everything a little more mysterious. Enjoy the commercial beach town of Cannon Beach, but refresh your spirit with a side trip to Ecola Beach.

Pam Werner: Spend at least a night at the Heceta Head Lighthouse B & B on Oregon’s Central Coast. Opt to drive into nearby Yachats for dinner or better yet, bring food and wine and prepare your own dinner in the B & B’s ample kitchen. Enjoy eating on the porch while admiring the sunset and majestic vistas. A hearty seven course breakfast is included.

Peggy Benson: “The best place to take a handicapped person to experience the beach up close:Take North Gearhart vehicle beach access at 10 th St.and drive on the beach north to Fort Stevens ending at the PeterIredale ship reck. This is an offical highway about 10 miles long. Access is subject to weather conditions and tides.Summer and fall are the best times with the access being maintained. You may see whales and eagles. “

Jana Westhusing: Book a kayak trip through the South Beach State Park in Newport – preferably in the evening. Cruise Beaver Creek at dusk and see lots of wildlife along and in the river. Paddle out by moonlight.

John Nicola: Acquaint yourself with Pacific City. Start in the public parking lot at Pelican Pub. Discover a truly beautiful beach where dories are often seen skidding up onto the sand. Run up to the top of the sand dune, but don’t try to keep up with the kids. Stroll down the beach in front of Haystack Rock. Keep your eyes open so you don’t cross the path of surfers, kayakers, sand castles, fishermen and, of course, dogs of all sizes, in and out of the water. It’s an organized symphony as everyone shares this wonderful location. Then pack a picnic lunch, and head only five minutes away to Bob Straub Park. Here it is beachlife without the crowd and the perfect spot to set up “home base” where everyone heads out for a wildlife walk while searching for sand dollars, starfish, and especially bird watching. Welcome to Pacific City!

Anja Bump: Eleanors Undertow in Taft. On the south-end of Lincoln City, Taft is a beautiful small coastal community with beautiful beaches. Eleanors serves icecream, grill food and when they make their own crisps, pies, etc – it is heaven on earth. The owner Eleanor is over 90 years old. Full of sass, wisdom and humor, the best part of a visit is to hear her tell stories from her life. She recently did a Tandem Jump skydive, because ‘I have always wanted to do it’. Kids are easily entertained by their arcade.

Mary Ann Harney: Just a few miles south of Seaside, I recently discovered Arcadia Beach. It is a much less crowded spot with a beautiful ocean view and waves splashing against the rocks. There are miles of sand to walk along & plenty of logs to sit on and just gaze at the spectacular scenery. I think it is a lovely, peaceful alternative to the noise and hassle of Seaside. And best of all, it’s an easy drive from Portland for a pleasant day trip to the beach. This will definitely be my destination of choice now on the north coast.

Lisa rose: I love the crabbing at Netarts. Just a short drive from tillamook and the crabbing is great! There’s also a wonderful little Mom and Pop oyster farm about a mile or so away where you can get fresh small oysters!-Delicious!

Penny Pierce: Always in search of the perfect tide pool on the Oregon Coast, my family and I stumbled across the marine gardens while staying at the Inn at Otter Crest many years ago. At low tide we wandered around the lovely resort paths and found the path to the ocean beside the outdoor pool near the bluff. At the beach we found a sign telling us this was a protected ‘garden’ and we soon discovered why. There was vegetation like Joseph’s coat of many colors as well as pools containing orange and purple starfish and sea anemone. We found huge boulders to the right and, much to our delight, sea lions (or seals) perched on some of them in the distance. We decided to walk the other direction on the sandy beach and discovered we could walk right into Devil’s Punchbowl. Otter’s Crest Loop is one of our favorite destinations.

Lynn Staben: “If it’s crab your craving, take a trip in early October and put your net in the Alsea Bay on the incoming tide(located in old town Waldport,Oregon-Ore. Coast’s best kept secret.) The weather is warm enough to catch some rays while you wait to catch your 12 crab limit. Gear can be rented at McKinnley’s Marina. If patiences isn’t your strong suit, stop off at the Lighthouse market! (watch for the “CRAB” sign spelled our vertically in red) just south of the Newport bridge. Order a fresh crab cocktail or any other seafood on their menu. There are picnic tables out front or take it to go. Even better, take your catch of the day, your favorite bottle of wine with your favorite someone and enjoy one of the many breath taking sunsets at the coast!“

Shari Eggiman: Noting beats a drive down the Oregon coast on a sunny day. One of my favorite stops is Gracie’s Sea Hag in Depoe Bay. The clam chowder and shrimp salad is the best. The portions are generous and the taste is out of this world!

Kristin Gaston: A beautiful and windy fall day (early October...but a week before it gets busy for the Kite Festival) at the Road’s End State Recreation Area near Lincoln City. Enormous waves provide entertainment for us as we watch a windsurfer and a sailboarder. Our two toddlers enjoyed flying our own kite on the shore, and throwing rocks in the small creek along the access point, piling the rocks and moving them around to expose more of the creek. There are picnic tables with a great view. A beautiful spot.

Mark Pauletto: The tidal pools are such fun learning experiance! Seeing everything that lives in them is great. What most people do not know is what you don’t see. I took a stick and searached under the rock ledge under the water and soon a rock crab was hanging onto the end of the stick!! Also if you take a stick and play with the seaweed soon rock crabs will suddenly come scurring out from under it!!!

K. Kaczmarek: Astoria has a marvelous Sunday Market. You can look down the rows of vendors selling everything from wonderful fresh produce to hand-crafter jewelry and see the wide mouth of the beautiful Coumbia River.

Linda Radecki: Best sure to check the tide tables to find the times of the lowest tide (a minus tide is best) and head out to the Bird Rocks and Indian Beach at Ecola Point, Cannon Beach. You will see amazing tide pools as well as seals and birds.

Elizabeth Reichhoff: While the main street in Manzanita has changed dramatically over the years, Manzanita News & Espresso is a constant. Great coffee, a fantastic array of reading materials, and good chats. You can’t miss this if you visit the area.

Pamala garoutte: Robert’s Bookshop in Lincoln City, is a booklovers dream. For rare books, cookbooks, acres of great books. The kind of bookstore that booklovers dream about. He has framed posters of old book covers and other art. Want the lastest book, or something out of print for years? Bob has it.Lots of places to sit, knowledgeable staff and very congenial atmosphere makes you never want to leave. An extensive children’s section. On the left side of Highway 101 going south. 3412 S E Highway 101.

Connie magee: “Our favorite beach to visit is Oceanside. After a good beach walk, head to Roseannes for a meal in a relaxed, informal setting with an ocean view. Food cannot be beat!“

Micky Ryan : My family from Ohio came to visit in August, and they wanted to go fishing while we were at the ocean, as my nephew had done 12 years ago. I received a recommendation for Kerri Lynn Charters out of Garibaldi. What a wonderful experience! Five of my family spend the morning fishing, pulling crab pots and viewing the beautiful Oregon coast. And they brought back at least 20 pounds of fish and several dozen crabs! For the next three days, we feasted on wonderful fresh seafood. And my family could not say enough good things about the people who run Kerri Lynn Charters. It was a great Oregon experience.

Tricia Moore: When I listen closely, I can hear the espresso-glazed raisin bran muffins at Waves of Grain calling my name. They call my name from Cannon Beach, and I get in my car and drive from Portland to my very favorite bakery! Not only do the muffins call my name, but the delicious assortment of freshly baked cookies and biscuits call my name, my husband’s name, and all three of my kids’ names. Waves of Grain Bakery is a favorite destination of our whole family and is highly recommended to all who are visiting Cannon Beach.

Carri Debolt: “My Trip Tip on the Oregon Coast is one that we recently experienced.Our favorite place to stay is “The Palace” in Lincoln City. Close to the Outlet Malland of course Chinook Winds Casino. Mid week specials make this a very economical and comfortable place to stay. The Palace offers a free hot breakfast including make your own waffles orfurther down the coast in Florence is our favorite place for a late breakfast; “ Jeannette and Ninas’ Café – their “Special Breakfast “ at $2.95 for French toast, bacon and one egg can’t be beat and with coffee only 50 cents it’s not a budget buster for Seniors Like us.Another way to burn that breakfast off is to take the trail up to the Yacquina Lighthouse – beautiful scenery and only $5 per carload. Guided tours of the lighthouse by volunteers are both educational and afford breathtaking views.Going back to Lincoln City through Newport we always stop at Oscar’s for authentic Mexican food – they offer an extensive seafood menu (think beyond fish tacos) as well as the regular delicious carne asada burritos and yummy tortas! This is another affordable place to eat. Oh and be sure and try a fish burrito-Ole!“

Kyle Callahan: A great spot to explore tide pools can be found just 6 miles south of Yachats, Oregon along Highway 101. Turning toward the ocean at milepost 170 puts you at Bob Creek Wayside. Check tide-tables before you go since you cannot explore this area near high-tide. Also take it slow since the beach is rocky. Pools usually have colorful anemone, shells, and the occasional starfish. Young crabs also like to hide among these rocks if you look hard enough. During most visits you can count the people exploring on one hand, making this a fun and quiet spot to spend ten minutes or a full hour. After exploring these tide-pools, head 9 miles south to Heceta Head State Park for a short hike, great views, and more photo opportunities.

Lynn Pittman: Take in the glass blowing or the glass fusion classes in Lincoln City. So creative! So fun! Anyone can do it, even my 84 yr old mother made 2 beautiful bowls. They’re already family heirlooms. Steep yourself in the history of the coast, from ancient sealife to Native Americans to the hardy pioneer settlers. Imagine how it must have been to live there, before paved highways could easily sweep you back to civilization.

Tammy Geiser: I was introduced to the Oregon Coast via a group tour that included “a taste of coastal cuisine”...I learned about estuaries & crabs & the wonder of low tides !! An Oregon Wine tasting was a real treat..learning which wines go best with the local shellfish was delightful as well as tasty !! And, there is nothing as invigorating as watching a Winter Storm from your warm room at any one of hundreds of beachfront hotels alone the 300 miles of FREE BEACHES in Oregon. I loved it so much I retired Linclon City !

Bill Kownacki: The Tahkenitch Campground, located about 7.5 miles north of Reedsport on the Oregon Coast has provided me with some of my most memorable camping experiences. The sand dunes themselves are wonderful to play on, with off highway vehicles banned in the area. The beach is nice, of course, and accessible by walking through an area of picturesque windswept trees. But my favorite part is taking the longer three mile hike and arriving at an isolated lake that is apparently good for fishing and more importantly to me, lots of fun to swim in. My girlfriend’s dogs immensely enjoyed running down the sandy hill to the water too.

Roberta: Half way between the Cape Meares lighthouse and Oceanside is a whimsical stairway down to a wonderful cobble beach with waterfalls, sea stacks and agates.

Donna Hiebert: About two miles north of Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City, on the Three Capes Highway, is a great little beach that doesn’t have all the people that one finds at the Big Dune/Pelican Pub/public beach access in Pacific City. Drive north out of town for about a mile and a half and continue driving north (straight; don’t turn at the stop sign) after the stop sign for approximately a half mile. Turn left into the small driveway access – there’s even a public Honey Bucket there at the driveway – and drive right onto the beach to experience all the great amenities that the Oregon coast has to offer: campfires with smores, body surfing, sandcastles, kite flying (our family even played a round of Bocce Ball on the sand), but without all the crowds. You can even see the other side of the Big Dune and walk towards it from this beach.

Courtney Buel: One of my favorite beaches and beach towns is Neskowin, OR. With Proposal Rock, a creek winding it’s way toward the ocean, (sometimes) seen petrified stumps on the beach, and the yummy Hawk Creek Cafe, it’s a must visit place!

Patriczia Petrus: “Mucho endorphins!My favorite thing to do when I travel to Lincoln City is to breath in the cleansing, mineralized air...and shop at the same time. This means a visit to the Tanger Outlet. But, seriously, everyone knows that. So here’s my real tip and it’s the first thing I do after parking. Since all of this requires nourishment, I go for the Chili Dog at Snack City located near the Center’s back lot. On the drive there, I’m already thinking about the 100% all beef jumbo hot dog (I asked) topped with really good chili containing a few welcomed beans and melted cheddar over it all. And the way the chili saturates the bun, yum. I find that two dogs – cut up – could feed three people. You’ll have to figure that out.So, there you have it: a memorable, satisfying chili dog, the invigorating air and the possibility of striking great buys. This adds up to a walk on the beach without sand in your shoes and...well, those healthy endorphins. “

Doug Montgomery : a hidden treasure at Rockaway Beach. In a wet woods nature conservancy, lies a huge octopus tree. The trail begins at S.Island and Washington, crossing 2 short walk boards at the north end of S. Island, into the woods and over stumps and roots of old growth timber. About a mile, you go down a short hill into a wetland of swamp cabbage and up a small incline. At the top is the tree, with a deck around part of it. A hidden treasure....

Helena Swerzbin: Tillamook Oregon is an unlikely destination when dreaming of a darling tea shoppe to enjoy scones and “High Tea” with friends. But that is exactly the place to head if you want a delightful time – to La Tea Da, tea house and gift shop in Tillamook. You will have all the favorites you desire, like a variety of scones with lemon curd and clotted cream and tea sandwiches; and an atmosphere that is charmingly decorated, comfortable and so much fun. We stop there whenever we can while on the coast and have met more people than we would ever have thought who know about this hidden gem. Now, how to get them to open a sister shop in Portland . . . .

Shirley Gauthier: “As a fairly new owner of an old RV I discovered Heceta Beach RV Park. This affordable RV park is the best! The owners have prioritized award winning guest service to the fullest. The little mini-market stocks anything you could possible forget to pack. Unbelievable rates include full service hookups with Wi-Fi and cable. This park is located a short walk from an easy access to the beach making it a real treasure. My visit always includes a walk to Jerry’s Place Bar & Grill. At Jerry’s you mingle with locals while you experience the best priced tasting pizza ever. Jerry’s special is the huge Shrimp Cocktail for $6 easily shared by two although I never do. An inexpensive Micro brew tops off a great priced pizza and coast day. Want an ocean view? Walk to Driftwood Shores and people watch tourists.Heceta RV Park unique and affordable…memories priceless!“

Kelly Griffin : While traveling to Lincoln City on Highway 18, when you reach Otis, take a detour on the Old Oregon 101 Scenic Highway. You will arrive a few miles north of Lincoln City and it only adds about 15 minutes to your trip. The scenery and wildlife along the way are just lovely.

Darlene Weil: When Seaside has a fireworks display, view it from the Gearhart side of Little Beach, east towards Neacoxie Creek. You will see twice the show. In the sky over the Pacific, also reflected in the Necanicum, Neawanna and Neacoxie estuary. Unbelievable.

Jennifer Morser: Best deck overlooking Nehalem Bay – it’s a place where you pick out your oysters, clams and crabs, they steam them right there, and then you can sit out on the deck at a picnic table with a beautiful view. Kelly, the owner, is a super hospitable host as well. At the Marina, people come to crab as well. The prices are really reasonable. After traveling the entire Oregon coast, I can’t think of a better place for seafood. Kelly’s at Brighton Marina in Rockaway Beach, just past Wheeler.

Matt Gobeille: When traveling the Southern Oregon coast, the Tu Tu Tun lodge in Gold Beach is not to be missed. From the warm personal welcome, to the appetizer and cocktail social hour in the hotel’s “family room”, to the gourmet dinner served mixed together with the the spectrum of hotel guests in the cozy dining room with its ceiling height glass windows overlooking the Rogue River, there is simply no better place to relish luxury, seclusion, privacy, and community all together in one magical setting as acutely experienced at the Tu Tu Tun Lodge. My girl and I enjoyed it enough in our first visit to plan our wedding there this coming spring!

Ann Goldeen: Walking on the Astoria waterfront’s “river walk” going east affords one a step back in time while passing pilings, cannery buildings, and the wooden train trestle with its boards right above the Columbia River. Wind, waves, birds and ships pass by. Magnificent.

Susan Nilsen: A place that I like to visit is the Silvia Beach hotel in Newport Oregon. Each room is dedicated to an author and I have met some very interesting people while staying their over the years.

Brenda Wilson : “We love to visit the Oregon coast a couple times a year. The best tip I have is to travel the coast on HWY 101 South from Washington State to Tillamook Oregon.We stop at Seafood markets, Bakeries, Smokehouses, Vineyards and last stop to get cheese at Tillamook Cheese factory.After your adventure you get to enjoy a wonderful sunset dinner on the beach with Wine, Bread, Cheese, specialty meats and seafoods along with a fantastic bottle of wine. Enjoying every moment!!“

Kaydee Clark : The Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria is one of the best places I’ve ever stayed. The decor is classy, the service friendly, efficient, and unpretentious. The little amenities such as free wine/salmon/cheese in the afternoon, fresh baked cookies in the evening, continental breakfast, complimentary valet in one of their circa 1940’s cars, and vintage beach cruiser bikes available to guests made our stay incredibly romantic and enjoyable. There’s also a spa within the hotel, including a 24 hour sauna and hot tub. Each room has a small balcony where one can stand out and feel the salty sea air. The Cannery Pier Hotel has discounted rates in the off season which is even better because I find Astoria more charming during cooler foggy weather when one can almost see pirate ships in the misty horizon.

Mrs. Joan Cleary: From the Dining Room of Fathoms at the Inn At Spanish Head, Lincoln City, the magnificent ocean view stops all conversation as we 2 Golden Anniversarists sip our wine and bask once again in this romantic atmosphere on a weekday afternoon. A corner booth at Fathoms has kept our secret as we toast each other’s happiness.valerie allynJust got back from a great trip to Diamond Lake staying in one of the cabins at the Resort with my family and folks. Since my mom is 80 and can’t walk very well they let her use an electric cart to get around, at no extra cost. Ask for an electric cart if somebody has a mobility problem while staying at the Diamond Lake Resort. By the way, the trout fishing was great with lots of big ones.

Per Fagereng: Whenever we go to Cannon Beach we always stop for breakfast at Lazy Susan’s Cafe. The omelets are great and the people who own the cafe are really nice.

Karyn Vorwaller: Fishhawk Falls between Birkenfeld and Highway 101 is little-known but makes a great day trip about 90 miles from Portland. You have to walk down a steep but short path from the parking lot to see the thundering falls. A rock beach as well as a sandy beach are perfect for picnics. There is a shallow creek for kids to wade in and the pool at the base of the falls for swimming.

Scott pinkston: Coffee girl on the pier in Astoria. The Lavender Vanilla Latte is uniquely delightfull. Share the view with 50 or so barking sea lions. This is one place no one should miss.

Leila Wrathall: Best place in Oregon for wheelchair users to take a spin by the ocean is the promenade at Seaside.

M. Jean Morgan : The hike to the top of Saddle Mt., especially in the spring when all sorts of wild flowers are blooming, if the coast is clear, you can see all the mountains and the beach from there. A very heady experience!!!

Carol Pierce: In Cannon Beach there is a coffee shop called the Sleepy Monk. Here they roast the certified organic, fair trade coffee beans. If you wish you can even watch them through a window in the shop. The coffee is fabulous, the atmosphere warm and friendly. In the evening the coffee shop turns into the Irish Table. A wonderful restaurant featuring Irish food along with that small town relaxed feeling. After that coffee or evening meal the beach is just a block away.

Carl Davis Srt.: For a inexpensive trip to the Coast go to a State Campground for the trip. You can go from there to just about anywhere you want to and still have a reasonable place to stay when you get tired. Sixteen dollars a night sure beats what any hotel on the Coast is charging and my wife and I found it to be very relaxing and enjoyable.

Jerry Barrows: Visit Oceanside beach and hike through the tunnel at the north end to find a secret beach called Lost Boy Beach. Relax, explore or search for agates here.

Kathleen Kuba: The Community/Senior Center in Waldport, 15 miles south of Newport, offers free tai chi classes on Tuesday (8:30 to 10 am) and Friday (1:30 to 3 pm). The group welcomes participante at all levels. What a great way to unwind while you’re on the road and an opportunity to talk to some friendly locals. The Center is at 265 Hemlock/Hwy 34, a few blocks west of 101.

Roberta Cranswick: Stop in at the Nature Conservacy site in Rockaway Beach. It is easily accessible from 6th and Dolphin or off of Washington street and seeing the massive trees is worth it.

Dolores Morelli: When traveling the central Oregon Coast a must stop for lunch is Yuzen Japanese Cuisine at Seal Rock between Walport and Yachats. Our family and a group of great friends have been traveling to Yachats every July for the annual Smelt Fry (now named the Fish Fry due to low numbers of ocean smelt) for over 30 years and Yuzen has become a luncheon treat we all look forward to. Great sushi in a friendly atmosphere.

Carol Spitzer: Our family(Total 10 of us) rents a house in Lincoln City.We spend quality time together. We love the Tide Pools(to see natures wonders up close) on,shopping Tanger Outlets,and eating out.What a great way to hold a family together,forever.

Maggy Henry: “Ah, the Oregon Coast! One fabulous 29-mile stretch of beaches between Bandon and Port Orford is miles away from Highway 101. This stretch is quiet and a backpacker’s paradise. For four days our only companions were whales, sea birds, tide pools and the most spectacular sunsets. We passed the first night near the New River – a slow moving stream only 120 years old – which has a snowy plover habitat restoration area. There is no easy road access for miles so the beach was all ours. At some points the beach ends and we hiked up the bluffs and followed the trail on the cliffs with amazing views of the crashing waves. Crossing the Sixes river, even at low tide, was an exhilarating experience! A picturesque side trip is a visit to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. This hike was the most refreshing experience from our typical Northwest forest hikes. “

Lois Huffman: Wake up one morning and decide to go for a hike on the Oregon Coast. Drive to Cape Lookout State Park, west of Tillamook. Take the hiking trail from the day area to Cape Lookout. It’s about 5 miles one way, or start at the trailhead off Hiway 101 south of the park and cut the distance in half. Either way it is a gorgeous hike with forest and ocean views, not too tough in any weather, and well worth the hike to the end of the Cape. Great whale viewing in March and bald eagles anytime.

Marcella J. Belson: “A favorite motel in Lincoln City is the Ester Lee on Hwy 101, with wonderful viewsof the Pacific, homely rooms and best of all...your pet is welcome! We have greatmemories of good times, shared with our managers who go out of their way to make!The managers of this motel have always made us and our pet feel welcome.“

Maureen Vermilya: Shore Acres State Park just south of Coos Bay is a formal garden which has an ever-changing display of flowers and flowering shrubs and trees throughout the year. Anytime of year is a good time, with seasonal displays, including thousands of lights at Christmas. With the garden’s proximity to rugged seascapes and crashing waves, it is a sensual delight

Lace Schaeffner: “Oregon Coast Travel Tip: Neskowin is a small coastal town and a must see for all beach lovers. It is also the home of the HAWK CREEK CAFE. This small, intimate cafe offers the best hand tossed pizza, eggs benedict and crab cakes around.YUM. Hawk Creek is located right on the beach, so have a glass of wine, a great meal and take a stroll on the sand. “

Jan Frederick: For an interesting side trip on your next trip to the Southern Oregon coast, I suggest a visit to the Darlingtonia Botanical Wayside. Located 6 miles north of Florence, on a short drive off Hy. 101, you will be treated to the other-worldly view of the carnivorous Cobra Lilies. This is a small area, easily accessible to all and a very interesting phenomenon. Remains of insects are visible through the translucent “flowers”. A truly fascinating place!

Randi La Du: My favorite breakfast spot on the Oregon coast is Grateful Bread in Pacific City. The black bean chili omlette is spectacular and the fresh biscuits are large, delicate and not to be missed! Whether you like sweet or savory, meaty or vegetarian, Grateful Bread hits the mark.

Sean pope: “Best spot on the Oregon Coast. I call it the place time forgot. In Oceanside there is a tunnel through the head. Through the other side there are no homes and the beach opens up to rock formations, tide pools and more agates than can be counted. My children love it and I have directed many people to this spot through out the years. I’ve seen bald eagles, puffins, and sea lions. Many star fish, muscles, hermit crabs, barnacles etc.. A true wild experience right within easy walking distance from a public parking lot.My family has been coming here for over forty years, three generations.“

Greg Burnside: Hit your favorite deli/beverage store and head for a secluded picnic at Indian Beach in Ecola State Park. Down the steps, hard right, pick a log and enjoy!

Colleen Donnelly: While Cape Lookout makes for a fantastic hike, try hiking down to the beach south of the cape instead. It is a couple of miles of gentle switchbacks, but the nearly deserted beach is great for beachcombing.

Sandra Cone: Looking Glass Inn at Taft. Bay and Ocean view, whirlpool rooms, pet rooms all clean and inviting! BBQ space out in back. Wonderful continental breakfast with the Oregonian always there to read. Easy walk to restaurants and shopping. The price is right and the management are the friendliest and remember you and your name!! I have been going to Taft since my family came here from North Dakota in 1943 and have never found a beach I like better. It has changed, but still has the same magic.

James Eickelberg: Hike or drive to the top of Mary’s Peak. It may be fall, but the wildflowers are still in bloom, doing their best to produce seeds before the first freeze

Darlene Bond: You must visit Oregon City, the town with the vertical street. We have bookstores, coffee shops and the Willamette River. At Clackamette Park you can view cormorants, blue herons, ospreys and sometimes eagles and belted kingfishers. Behind the Oregon City Shopping Center a coyote will sometimes make an appearance. Come visit soon.

Barbara Bonn-Taylor: A nice break on the trip from Portland to Seaside on Hwy. 26 on a warm summer day is the roadside springs. It’s a good place to stretch your legs and get a cool drink on spring fed water from the roadside drinking fountain.

Lorilee Carlson: Astoria is an incredible place to visit as a single, couple or family. We particularly like the Holiday Inn Express under the Astoria/Megler Bridge. Rooms with magnificent river views provide hours of entertianment watching the wild life along with all of the boats and ships passing by. In fact, it is difficult pull yourself away from the window.The Astoria area is full of historical sites, incredible museums, beaches, parks,etc. Watching the sunset from the Astoria Column is probably one of the best sites in the world! The historic trolley ride along the river for $1 is a real bargain and lots of fun! Rain or shine you can have a wonderful time. (note: our e-mail address will be changing soon)

Kelli Allan: About once a month, my husband and I spend time in Newport. There is a fabulous restaurant, tucked away off the street, called Arr Place. Creative entrees with local ingredients, exuberant service,fabulous desserts, homey atmosphere.Sandra OlsenWhen traveling in Oregon take the back roads and really see the countryside. Visit roadside fruit stands and get to know the people in the area you are visiting.

Larry Klika: One of our favorite “3 hour tours” is a drive from the valley to Lincoln City at the coast. Recently we found Tiki’s in Taft (south of Lincoln City) near the Taft turn-around where the Siletz River runs into the Pacific. Tiki’s is a small,“beach shack bar and cafe”. To us it looks like a hut that may have once been on the set of T.V.’s Gilligan’s Island. Tiki’s eclectic gift shop has a great collection of beach memorabilia and pirates’ booty for sale. The food is great but WE think the real treats are the amazing Margaritas and Mojitos. It’s a great place to sit, eat, talk to friendly folks, lick the salt and go for a walk along the bay in Taft.

Bob Drury: Kayak Wheeler! Just an hour and a half from Portland, between Rockaway and Manzanita, Nehalem Bay is the best place for novice Kayakers, or a young family in a canoe to drift thru channels in Marshes. The water is so calm and flat, you can spend hours just talking, drifting, and bird watching. Kayaks are for rent in Wheeler, or if you brought your own, there is a great public boat ramp.

Heather Sketch-Sander : The Cannery Pier in Astoria is a great place to stay when you visit the area. Beautiful rooms right on the water, very pet friendly, and you can get the shipping logs to help identify the ships that pass by.

Dave Sander: If you are ever in Newport, OR you must check out the wine shop at Nye Beach Gallery. Outstanding selections at great prices, wonderful food pairing options and 2 of the best hosts you will find at any shop, anywhere.

Will Ewing: “Bandon Oregon has all the best of Oregon to offer. Nye Beach in Newport has the best scones at “Stephanie’s Cafe”!“

Sara M. A. Camp: Armed with a tide chart head to Bandon’s beach during a low tide. Wander among the sea stacks looking at starfish, anenomes and other tidal creatures. If you’re lucky you will spot sea lions relaxing on the rocks. After you have worked up a good appetite head up to Bandon’s pier and pop in for lunch at Tony’s Crab Shack. I recommend the buttery shrimp and crab sandwich, washed down with a bottle of local beer. Delicious!

Nancy Blum : I am not a bed and breakfast person but I really wanted to get out of town on July 4th with only a one day shot at getting a reservation. We ended up at the Craftsman B and B in Pacific City. Our stay was exceptional because of our hosts. My partner has a severe egg allergy. Mike made every delicious breakfast and afternoon snack egg-free and it tasted as good as it gets. Mike is a very skilled woodworker and what he has done to restore this house is breathtaking. Don’t be put-off by the location; go and be treated to a very special place.

Linda Stewart: “We spent some vacation time at Gold Beach, OR and found the bakery “Rollin in Dough”. Thought the name was worthy.“

Gwen Van Slyke: Canon Beach is a wonderful adventure where you’ll find Galleries Galore to browse through. This town is the best shopping experience you will ever have where you can load up with Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and a special gift for yourself. The food is out of this world no matter where you choose. Watch the sunsets at this very special beach and enjoy the view of Haystack Rock from any special place you choose to stay. A real phemistercanoe or kayak beautiful nestucca bay. start at the boat ramp south of pacific city. use the tides carefully to your advantage.

Cindy Garner: In Lincoln City we like to go to the Historic Anchor Inn. It’s relaxing, eclectic and a very good value. They often have something special going on, like dinner with Tippi Hedren (from “The Birds“). You can stay in a hotel room or a private cabin. The owners are wonderful and make the best blueberry pancakes I’ve ever had!

Phyllis Davis: Oregon’s best kept secret is the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Otis, Oregon. Every summer I rejuvenate myself by taking a couple of the art courses. It offers a wide range of art & ecology courses in a peaceful, wooded setting at Cascade Head. 

Tricia Knoll: Walk your dog -- and have a wind-blown wonderful time in Manzanita, Oregon. Eat breakfast at the Big Wave Cafe, take your dog up Neahkahnie mountain from Oswald West State Park and get out your camera for a view to Tillamook Bay. Stay at any of many vacation rental homes that allow your dog to rest up with you -- and dine out Mexican or classic cuisine. Then -- take your moonlight walk with your dog on 6 miles of open beacch. 

Brenda Hopkins: I love to travel the Oregon coast harvesting muscles for dinner! They are abundant. easy to harvest, easy to prepare, delicious and free! (Check for shellfish bans before harvesting!)

Iris Cox: larry salo: One of the best places on the Oregon coast to stay is Happy Camp, in Netarts Or. Here you can stay in quant cottages for vary reasonable rates, or stay in new mansions that will sleep ten people. These are all right on Netarts bay where you can crab , fish, and beachwalk. There are two stores within a block, and restaurants too. My recommendation for great vacation!

Juliette Weston: Beachside State Park is an incredible place to camp during the summer. Many camping spots are right on the beach, and others are just a short walk away. The beach is beautiful and remote -- with very few tourists there. The campsite is just minutes away from Newport to the north and Waldport to the south.

Barbara Lemmon: Because we have such a wide age range (58 years down to 5 years), and such a diverse range of interests. We love going to Seaside. We can shop the outlets, feed the seals, walk the boardwalk, play the arcades, or just stroll on the beach with our CandyMan ice cream cone. Seaside really has something for everyone and we all come away happy.  


Teri Fahrendorf: Ride the Dunes Buggies south of Florence, or better yet rent an ATV, and ride it yourself!!

Lee Stone: Do not miss sunset at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. See the Rock in as the sunset over the rock

Melody Virding: No trip to Oregon is complete without a trip to Phillips candy in Seaside. Established in 1897, Phillips Candy is a family run business known for it’s famous caramel corn, hand dipped chocolates and salt water taffy, all made fresh on the premises! For a dose of nostalgia and a sweet treat, Phillips Candy is a perfect, affordable stop on any family beach outing. And if you go around the 4th of July you can see the famous picture window filled with contestant pictures of those competing for the title of Miss Oregon--can it get any more Oregon than this?

Jose Gyanti: Hava a llama fall in love with your wife. Visit the West Coast Game Park in Bandon, Oregon. During our last visit a llama fell in love with my wife and followed us all day thru out the park. The park is great for all ages. 

Kirstin Rachielug: When your kid gets into the “I LOVE TRAINS” phase, and they all do at some point, you have to check out the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. It’s a old-school train with big steam locomotive that takes riders on a coast ride between Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach. The train passes Barview Jetty Campground, which offers a very family friendly fun campging experience. Once in Rockway Beach munch on fudge and incredible ice cream and your day is made!

Hollie Davis Frick: When you want to go to the beach with small children, try Del Rey beach near Gearhart. You can drive your SUV right onto the sand with all your kid gear - like extra clothes, towels, sand buckets, lunch, kites etc, in your vehicle. It’s so much easier (and safer) than carrying it all to the beach down a steep trail with small children in tow. 

Laurie Fahrendorf: A trip down the coast from Astoria to Brookings will never be forgotten. Be sure to ride the dune buggys just south of Florence, especiall grand near Lakeside. Oregon

Connie Cresto: We loved staying at The Looking Glass Inn in Lincoln City! My 85 yr. old father uses a walker & wheelchair. We could watch the ocean & Stiletz Bay while eating from our room, he could sit & watch us walk on the beach. He could walk to icecream, entertainment, and Mo’s without getting in & out of the car! This was our 1st visit & will be back!!

Cheryl Conner: I flew into Portland and drove to Tillamook. Tillamook has a wonderful Cheese Factory. Enjoy a taste of cheese, some incredible tasty ice cream (my favorite the pistachio pecan) and tour the Cheese Factory. From there we headed to Cannon Beach, what a scenic drive through the Tillamook Forest! Ending in Cannon Beach with a stay at The Stephanie Inn. Wonderful Inn, beautiful view, homemade cookies and lemon/limeade, fabulous dinner. Would go back in a heartbeat! Don’t miss the wonderful (although quick) adventure I had. Tons of choices in wine country as well.

jenny brown: While visiting the Long Beach/Peninsula area, you should not miss the opportunity to stop in Nahcotta, on Sandridge road, at the tiny spot called Baileys Bakery and Cafe. Not only will you delight in the homemade tastes of her daily specials, but the baked goods will have you swooning! Don’t miss the treats on the rack as you walk in!! Doggie treats too!

Linda Klika: Last Summer our family planned a Reunion in Lincoln City. One of my favorite experiences was a trip for all of the women to SeredipiTea. It is a cozy little tea shop in Taft, just South of Lincoln City. They went out of their way to accomodate us and even printed The Klika Family Reunion on the menus. First, we all got to choose hats and boas to wear which really put us in the mood. There were several differnet tea choices from High Tea to A Cuppa (a pot of tea, a scone and a tart.) We each got our own tea pot with our choice of tea. The atmosphere was cozy and comfortable. The service was outstanding and the food was wonderful. It was a unique experience that will be remembered by all. Their address is 4660 S.E. Hwy. 101. Phone # 541-996-2200 I also got some great pictures.

Kenneth Crockett: If you find yourself in Astoria and want a bit of solitude (or good fishing), head to Fort Stevens State Park and drive out to the South Jetty. As you walk the jetty with the Pacific to the east and the Columbia west, keep an eye out for pelicans, cormorants, and a reserved little family of raccoons.

Barbara Godfrey: “Our family reunion gathered at South Beach State Park in Newport on a busy August weekend. During free time we went with son, granddaughter and great-grandson to the Aquarium - Fantastic!Afterwards, we were hungry and went looking for “The Whale” down by the wharf. Dennis had eaten there and declared it a “keeper”. It was closed until dinner and Mo’s was full. We got back on the “main drag”, looking for another good place to eat. Out of desperation, we pulled into a quaint shopping mall with a wine shop/restaurant, “The Champagne Patio”. We were delighted to find few people inside at the height of the tourist season. The owner/cook greeted us personally, paying special attention to our great-grandson, and we had a delicious meal in peace and quiet. Gradually the restaurant filled up with an equally appreciative clientele. What a respite after a hectic morning – thank you. (“

Gordon Grochau: “The beauty and serinity of the Short Sand Beach area at Oswald State park is beyond compare. The trails through the woods, along Short Sand creek are among tall trees and beautiful vistas of the woods, and the beach.It is about 10 miles south of Cannon Beach, and the trails are mostly wide gravel, so easy to navigate for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it, and it is also a photographers paradise--lots of beautiful woods and beach photo opportuities.“

Mary Halvorson: On a rainy, windswept day at the coast the coziest place to go is Roberts Bookshop in Lincoln City. Find yourself wandering the high shelves, mesmerized by the dense treasures of unique and memorable books from floor to ceiling. Every twisting turn, every path in the shop leads you to new rooms, new surprises and old friends. In the respectful hushed tones of a library you will pass other bibliophiles and addicts of the written word in reverent poses of intent study and reflection. We quietly acknowledge the other, continuing our way, sharing in the secret that we have found our coastal mecca. We guard its location close to our hearts in delusion that we few know of this place. Come lose yourself in the wonder and joy of stories as you sit in your little corner of the shop and revel in what Oregonians love best, books.

Tim Fitzgerald: “Langlois Country Store. The Langlois Country Store is a delicious diversion on a trip south to see the spectacular Oregon South Coast shoreline, and/or a visit to the Oregon redwoods near Brookings. Located right on U.S. Highway 101, between Bandon and Port Orford, this small country store is reknowned on the South Coast for its outstanding hot dogs. The 2-inch thick wieners are spit roasted and served on a freshly-steamed bun. But don’t expect any fancy condiment choices. The only adornments to the plump franks are homemade sweet-hot mustard, three bread-and-butter pickles, and chopped white onions on request. Almost as delicious as the dog is the price – just $1.50. Other deli items, fountain drinks and Umpqua ice cream are also available. “

Janet Sears: “I stayed at the Cozy Cattail Bed & Breakfastin Reedsport, Oregon. It was way off the beaten path, but close to waterways and alsothe ocean. Everything was made of Myrtlewoodand it was very cozy, but what amazed me was when we looked outside the next morning and there were deer right up by the front porch munching on the rose bushes. And I hear they recently had two baby deers that also quite frequently come very close. It was quite the experience and yes, you can also buy a Myrtlewood Rocking Chair at theMyrtlewood Gallery in Reedsport, which alsoowns the cottage.“

Jason Warner: The most romantic beach trip that my girlfriend and I have experienced is in Oceanside, Or. The beach is secluded, clean soft sand and the Arch Cape 3 Rocks are gorgeous. The view from our getaway was fantastic, plus it was the best beach sunset I have ever seen. We had a wooden porch swing on our deck that we sat on and just relaxed and relished the peace and tranquility of the view and the serene quaint town.

Helen Wright: dungess crab is one of my favorite things to eat at the oren coast. I usully stop at Fishermans Jetty, havethem pick out a dandy one..They cook it minutes. Then I am offered to try the heart..Friend said dare you, so as they clean thr crab with the nice warm juieces( butter)and a tooth pick with a piece of crab ( heart). It was the sise of a thumb nail, justvlike eatting a piece of crab..From then o I have had fun dareing friend, and grandkids to try it..Some said no way,Ugh..others were ok th take the dare...Then we were off to Rockaway Beach Resort to have a wonderful fresh crabLewie, a glass a wine and watch the sunset..Love it..Dare you to try it....

Jack Duey: Do you think Seaside, OR is just for kids & teens? Well, there are some delightful off season attractions for an adult getaway. Head down to the Promenade near Avenue A after you make your reservations at the Seaside Oceanfront Inn. The Inn provides some outstandingly attractive and comfortable ocean front rooms overlooking the Promenade at attractive off season prices. While there, Dine at their restaurant “Maggie’s on the Promenade.” Maggie is their watch cat. Its a delicious and comfy dining experience. If its a clear day, amble east on Broadway and you will eventually find “Yummy” - a wine bar and restaurant on the right. Yummy offers a unique adult dining experience with wine flights, wines by the glass or bottle to accompany a variety of delicious small plate options. Snag a seat beside the fireplace if its chilly out side. Open Wednesday through Sunday.

Debbe Sabin: The Oar House Bar and Grill in Pacific City opened in May. Great sandwiches [Rueben and French dip with real au jus], house made potato chips cerved up hot. Located on Brooten Rd in the older part of town across from the grocery store. Family owned, great wait staff. Inexpensive compared to other eateries in the area.

Ron Horbatiuk: A special spot for locals; a wind protected beach front. Park on Cape Arago Highway - check for cars with surfer racks, parked along the side of the road before Sunset Bay Beach. Walk dwon Lighthouse Beach Road - past local residences and vacation rentals. Notice a primitive beach access trail with a guide-rope for steeper parts of the short trail. The beach, it’s totally spectacular. View Cape Arago Lighthouse on Yakum Point. Check out great tide poos, rock formations along the Lighthouse side of the beach. Or walk north along the mile beach front toward the South Coos Bay Jetty - viewing birds, cloud formations, wave movent and local surfers, along with fishing boats and large ocean going vessels entering the Bar. When other beaches are wind blown and rough surf, or lots of beach walkers... peace and tranquility is achieved by descending the primitive beach access. A Lewis and Clark Oregon Coast Experience.

Carleton W. Carroll: Heidi’s Homemade Food, 84 Beach Street, Yachats. Wonderful pastries, sandwiches, pizza, lasagna, an extensive selection of beers and wines, and an unbeatable view of the Yachats River estuary. All that, and a friendly welcome from Heidi and Will. Highly recommended.

Teresa Nix: This is my favorite tip for going to the beach. When the Tanger outlet is busy and the beach is cold and wet, and the book you’ve brought from home isn’t quiet so interesting, I make a drive over to Robert’s Bookshop in Lincoln City and shop for hard to find, rare, used and out of print books to purchase, and if you can’t find a book they will do a book search for you. The selection is excellent and you can spend hours just checking out the entire great inventory. The address is 3412 S.E. Hwy 101 Lincoln City, Oregon. The phone number is 1-541-994-4453. Enjoy!

Linda J. Brooks: Do a day in Astoria. Arrive early in the morning and walk to The Flavel House, a recovered Victorian Mansion. A walk down to the river front will let you see restored Historic buildings and if you hop on the trolley, the conductor will call attention to the Historic buildings going by your window. Be sure to go to the Maritime Museum, the Historical Museum and lunch at the Bow Picker for Albacore Fish and Chips. Once you get a taste of Astoria’s charm, you will come back again to climb the Astor Column, walk the Boardwalk, listen to the Sea Lions bark and watch them roll over each other off the pier and into the river. If the weather is a little wet, get the rain gear out of the trunk and go “Puddle Jumping” followed by a visit to the Pig and Pancake for a Mug full of hot chocolate topped by real whipped cream. The sunsets are beautiful, the river a historic statement. See you there!

susan aalykke: This full moon trip is best done by experienced kayakers during good weather in the spring or summer. It also helps to check the tides and have a slack to incoming tide coinside with the time the moon will rise. Load up your kayaks, drive to Wheeler Oregon. Pack a picnic and supplies to start a fire. Put in at the Wheeler boat launch at least 2 hours before dusk. Kayak north about an hour to the Nehalem Spit across the bay. Disembark on the spit, gather driftwood, start a campfire and enjoy the evening. Watch the stars come out, sounds of the bay. Head back to Wheeler when the full moon rises. The moon, along with the headlamp you wear, and the lights of the town wheeler will guide you back to the boat launch. Be prepared to come back about 2:00am or later. Dress warm.

Gail Hoffnagle: I thought I had died and gone to ice cream heaven. I discovered Oregon Maid’s “mudpuddle.” For $6 customers pick one scoop of ice cream that is plopped in the bottom of a milkshake size cup. Hot fudge is poured in on top of the ice cream. Next, customers choose a milkshake flavor that is lovingly added on top of the hot fudge. Finally whipped cream is swirled on top. The result is a mouthful of ice cream bliss, where the fun on the tongue never stops until the very last bite. The biggest conundrum? When to switch from straw to spoon. I found I had to go back and forth a couple of times. Aaaah. Oregon Maid Ice Cream serves 60, yes, that’s right, 60 flavors of ice cream. Tillamook, Umpqua, and Cascade Glacier are all represented as well as 8 homemade flavors churned up on site. For the mudpuddle I tried two homemade flavors, Whoppers ice cream for the scoop at the bottom and Mandarin Orange Chocolate for the milkshake. Oregon Maid Ice Cream is located at 19 N. Coast Hwy in Newport. Their phone is 541-265-2256

Sandra Berger: One of my favorite places to visit on the Oregon Coast is Shore Acres State Park, near Coos Bay. The gardens are exquisite, a wonderful place to visit and spend time. There is an observation house for watching the ocean (and maybe catching a glimpse of whales) and the beach is down a trail, in a beautiful cove, sheltered from the wind, and a great spot to have a picnic and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

David Larsen: If traveling through Depoe Bay, take time to have a leisurely meal at Tidal Raves. The food is outstanding and the views are exceptional in any weather. I would recommend reservations and a window table request.

Sherri Holman: We love to take our R.V. to Lincoln City. We’ll take a day trip to Depoe Bay and enjoy the little shops on the waterfront, especially Newport Bay Candle Company. We go down to the Boat Piers and buy fresh crabs from local fisherman. Enjoying the crabs with a cold one or two from the local Pelican Brewery in Pacific City is beyond words.

Marilyn Matteson: Leave the Oregon Coast on Hwy.6 east out of Tillamook. Stop at the Wilson River to catch the best crawfish ever! You will be amazed and delighted: Oregon at its best.

Helen Winberg: Yachats, Oregon on the central coast. You not only have beach, but going South, Devils Churn,Cape Pertetua Interruptive center , Hecta Head Light House, Sea Lion Caves and a pretty coastal hills drive up the Yachats River.

Steve Rogers: “Best Danish & great coffee are in a sweet little place in tiny downtown Gerhart!The beach is pristine, unpopulated, and a brisk walk earns you the best Danish on the Oregon Coast.“

Kelly Sharp: “Nestled between mountain cliffs and pounding surf, Manzanita, Oregon, is the perfect place to experience the best of the Oregon Coast on a smaller scale. The downtown corridor of shops and restaurants is short enough to walk in just a couple of hours, leaving plenty of time for beach combing. The main street ends right at the beach where large logs beckon wanderers to sit and watch the pounding surf with an ice cream cone or coffee. If lucky, the kite boarders will be out racing back and forth across the crashing waves, entertaining and astonishing visitors with their reckless abandon.Just a few miles away,the Nehalem Bay Winery is open daily for wine tasting, and bringing a great bottle of wine back to hotel or rental house makes watching the sunset over the sand a perfect way to end a relaxing day of beach life.“

Vicki: I participated in a fabulous ranger-led paddle tour on the Lewis and Clark River near Astoria. We were issued a tandem kayak and all the gear needed for this free trip of over 2 hours.We learned about salmon, previous logging in the area, and of course the Lewis & Clark expedition. Highly recommended!

Janice Pelster : One of the most challenging parts of travel for us is finding a restaurant that is good and offers gluten free food as my husband is a celiac. You can image our delight to find the Pizza Garden in Nehalem. Oregon. Not only doe they have gluten free pizza it is great tasting,so is their regular pizza. Thye also stock gluten free beer, that is a real plus.

Vo Newell: Don’t miss a full moon canoe or kayak paddle up Beavercreek just south of Newport. Put in at the boat ramp at Ona Beach and travel through the estuary. We saw beaver, heron and bats while a full huge bright moon lit our way.

Melanie pitman : For spectacular sunset watching, drive to the little known Upper City Park in Wheeler. You can see Neakanie Mountain, Nehalem River, the surrounding valleys, marshes, wildlife, and perhaps a boat in the water below with “fish on!” It is a quiet place with endless possibilities. There you will find, not only the view, but BBQs, tables, playground equipment, horseshoe pits, a baseball field, and walking trails. Nehalem City Park (upper) has something for everyone.

Rene Kehrwald: We usually go to the northern Oregon coast, but this year we decided to try something different and stayed in Yachats. I still have the crashing waves in my mind’d eye, greenish and translucent. We walked the dramatic 804 trail several times, but the best was when we sat on the sand just yards from the rocks and waves. I finally had to put my book down and walk barefoot across the large, warm, smooth boulders to stare at the sun-sparkling water as it danced in amongst the rocks, crashing and spraying capriciously. Go to Yachats for an up- close experience of coastal awe and beauty, truly an Oregon treasure! Also, be sure to stop at the Green Salmon Cafe more than once to try their creative coffee, tea and chocolate drinks.

Robert C St John: “Oregon is renowned for its great variety of magnificent trees. Are you going to the Coast on Highway 26? On the way back toward Portland, stop at the 10th Mountain Division Memorial Grove,located at ODOT’s Weigh Station, mile point 54, just east of the junction with Oregon 6. (You may stop on the way west also, of course.)Part of The Oregon Heritage Tree Program, about 70 species of trees were planted here and dedicated to the Memory of the 10th Mountain Ski Troops who served in World War 2 in Italy and Germany.“

Cheryl Parton: In Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock gets all the attention. Yet, a real treat is to visit “Little Haystack” on the beach of Tolovana (just south of town). At low tide, the cave at its center looks like a home for mermaids. Most days, you may be the only one there admiring the hundreds of starfish all around the rock’s base.

Sarah Carroll: “Oceanside beach, Oregon Coast:Year after year, this beach has produced the best weather, people/puppy watching and agate collecting on the Oregon Coast! After a full day at the beach, retreat to Roseanna’s Cafe for a delicious sandwich or cup of chowder, followed by the best peach cobbler I have ever, or will ever, taste.!“

Sara Anne Gardner: The best time to enjoy Oregon’s coast is in the winter. Hotel rooms are easy to get (we always stay at the Adobe Resort in Yachats, snagging a room with a fireplace on the top floor for awesome views of the surf) and a bargain compared to summer. Even (especially) when a storm hits...the surf and water views are unbeliveable. Restaurants are not crowded and things like the Oregon Aquarium and yours to explore!

William Welch: Reba Lovelady: It seems like the Hotels have gotten really expensive in the Cannon Beach area except for the one we usually stay in. Webb’s Scenic Surf is an older, ocean front hotel with great views, nice outdoor seating and within walking distance of everything we like to do. Walk out your door to the beach, shops, and dining. Our favorite place if EVOO for dinner and after wining and dining you don’t have to worry about driving. In Newport, you can’t beat Nye Beach for walking and views, plus the chowder at the Chowder Bowl is great.

Janice Watson: If you love the beach and some terrific scenery, drive down U.S. 101 for the entire coast line. You will see beautiful beaches, lighthouses, and breathtaking views. Take your time and stop and hike the trails and take pictures.

Julia Wade: Sunset Beach is a well kept secret. It is charming and the sunset is fabulous! Stop at the cafe on your way to the beach for a delicious cup of coffee and scrumptious goodies. We go to Sunset Beach whenever we have the opportunity!

Debbie Skinner: After the illness and passing of my father, I turned to my favorite place in the world for a little rest and recovery: the Oregon Coast. I stayed at Little Creek Cove in Newport for the first time and found it to be a perfect home away from home. My split level unit had a bedroom with an ocean-view balcony, and the upper level living area (with a second ocean-view balcony) offered a full kitchen, gas fireplace, flat screen TV, comfy couch and a dining table set with everything--even fresh flowers. Each unit has its own "personality" and unique view. The staff was friendly and the accommodations were clean and nicely maintained. Their off-season rate is a terrific value. I'll definitely make a return visit as often as possible.

Janet Stevenson: Not to be missed is a meal of delicious fish and chips at the "Bowpicker" in Astoria, Oregon. Grab your fish and chips and drive across the road and enjoy watching the river traffic while dining. Also in the same parking lot is the "Maritime Museum" and the "Light-ship Columbia", definately worth a visit!!

Melissa Leonhardt: We live in Vancouver Wa but travel often to our getaway home in Long Beach Wa. Our route is through Astoria so we can take a break there for dinner (Friday night after work).Our favorite place is a little boat that serves only fish and chips but the best fish and chips you will ever have! Yup, you guessed it- The Bowpicker Fish and Chips!

Matthew Brinker: Fall crabbing in Netarts bay is a wonderful experience for all to enjoy. You can rents boats & crab pots right across the street from the bay. Too rainy to camp? Rent a yurt a few miles down the road at Cape Lookout State Park!

Roxanne C Basey: Surfer's Long Board Championships in Pacific City on a weekend of August each year. Not to be missed - the vintage volkswagon vans start gathering, fires on the beach and the old and young converge. Music on the beach as well as fantastic people watching. Not to be missed. One of a kind event in Oregon.

Michelle Peterson: When in Winchester Bay if you would like to experience the best fish-n-chips and cheesey bread you have to go to the restaurant on the water. The owner is usually there working and I believe the batter receipe is her own and it is wonderful. Even with the cod and the halibut just melts in your mouth. We stop in at least twice or more a year.

LaVonne Treat: "A thrilling place to quietly observe the thundering beauty of our beaches is at Indian Beach in the Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach.It's super picturesque, and for an extra delight, take the 2-mile Clatsop Loop Trail. Visit for maps and extra information. This Oregon beach is a ""must see""

Paige Dickson: Next time your are headed to the coast via HWY 38 in July/Aug bring your life jacket and towel. Between Elkton and Scottsburg on Hwy 38, look for signs for Sawyer's Rapids. Park in the pull out and walk out on the exposed river rock. On the farside of the river is a fun shoot to swim/raft down. Definitely wear a life jacket and only try if you are over age 12.

Linda Gilbert: Early last February 19, 2010 we received the news that my dear 98-year-old seashell collector mother passed away in Arizona. How could my husband and I, in our seventies, effectively both honor her spirit and grieve for her spirit on that day of her death? From our home in McMinnville we headed for our closest favorite ocean spot in Neskowin. Following a tasty, hearty lunch of fresh crab cakes and full-bodied espresso at the Hawk Creek Café, we drove slowly through the community to the farthest point north, parked our vehicle, and ambled west along the beach access path. For an hour on that mild, filtered, coastal sunlight day we strolled on the beach adjacent to natural grasses with no distractions. Surprisingly, during our solitary walk we found and carried home a few nearly whole sand dollars which continue to provide us with cherished memories of my mother.

Barbara Johnson: Manzanita Oregon has the best New Year's Eve parade. Simply drift towards the main street around 11:30 - midnight and join in the locals streaming towards the beach. The parade includes big friendly dogs and their owners, along with local musicians and one year a fire dancer on the beach. You may be in costume, or just in your beach duds. It is spontaneous, local and simple. Enjoy meeting wonderful locals as well as beach goers from the valley. This simple celebration is such a joyous way to bring in a new year.

Carley Hansen: PrinceOur favorite weekend getaway is to visit Oceanside. We stay at the Oceanfront Cabins, take walks on the beach, grab breakfast and coffee at Brewin' in the Wind and enjoy the peace and quiet of this tiny hamlet. It's the perfect place to relax, catch up on our stack of unread books, fly a kite, and make sand castles. If we're in the mood for a hike, Cape Meares State Park (home of the Octopus Tree) is only a few miles away and has a lovely historic lighthouse that can be toured for free. And if we forget anything or want to play tourist, Tillamook is only 10 miles inland and home to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and Air Museum. Taking the time to visit Oceanside is something on our must-do list every year.

Ronald E. Bush, Sr.: "Our family loves to fly kites on the beaches of the Oregon Coast. The fun starts by stopping at a local Kite Shop where the variety of soaring devices is endless. Everyone, young and old, gets to choose their kite. Then to the beach where other Kiters have launched their huge, twirling wind catchers. The excitement rises as the wind is just right and everybody easily gets their kite in the air... sometimes so high and so far that the kite is lost (note: bring an extra kite). After the sun and wind and ""kite excitement"" has worn everyone out, stop at a local seafood resturant for dinner and watch the sun set over the water before getting a good nights rest, lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves washing ashore....

Kim Nickens : Take a day trip to Wheeler, Or. Rent a boat, crab rings & bait at the Wheeler Marina. Head out on the Nehalem Bay and be perpared to fill your bucket with Dungenous crab. $83.00 for 3 hours and all the equipment, including 2 licenses. They cook your crab for you and even help you clean it. Freindliest town in Oregon.

Gail Mueller: Watch the dories launch and come in right from the beach at Cape Kiwanda while sipping a beer at the Pelican Brewpub. Really special is the ceremony the first Sat in June where the fleet is blessed.

Kimberly Hoy: 150 words or less is going to be hard to describe the most amazing vacation place in Oregon. Where can you go from sand boarding down a massive dune, swim in a warm lake and catch salamanders, splash in the surf of the Oregon Coast, and fest at the most amazing restaurants? And all these activities are within a few minutes of each other. It's so very hard to believe I know...but true! Welcome to

Florance, Oregon.

Rhonda Hamstreet: "Each year my daughter and two grandaughters pay me a summer visit from their home in Ca. My lifelong friend is also visited by her daughter (who grew up with my daughter) and her two grandsons at the same time. It is now a tradition to get together and show our grandchildren the best of our area. This year we visited Moonshine Park in Logsden, Or. It turned out to be a rather cloudy day but our grandchildren still floated the river,rolled down the hill in gunny sacks, picnicked, and we all enjoyed the best deal around - a $5 stack of firewood provided by the camp host for our firepit and the chance to warm up! Lifelong friends and lifelong memories!

lalan mclean: Don't forget to bring a boogey board and wetsuit when you travel to Pacific City to hit the waves. Warm up after a the local pelican brew pub.

Bette Weber: There is nothing like the wonder of walking along the Oregon beaches, watching the waves, listening to the surf, and enjoying the wildlife that pop into view.

Meredith Belden: You can sleep by the crashing waves of the Oregon Coast for less than $40 a night...Book your stay in one of the simple Yurts in any of the state parks along the Oregon Coast. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag and some wood for the fire pit. It beats any hotel room or resort.

Janis McGraw: After getting your favorite ice cream cone at Tillamook Cheese Factory, group everyone together for a great cone gathering -- makes a super photo shot! Great ice cream for every taste.

donna stevens: For a great family experience, we spent a week at Waldport. We rented a summer home with room enough for friends and family to come share with us. We take long walks on the beach and discovered a huge group of seals near the point. That was awesome and the kids still talk about it today. Also, we picked up many broken shells put we used them around picture frames to help remember the fun we had there as a family.

Carolyn Murray Shafer: Noone should miss the opportunity to travel to the tip of the Oregon Coast and experience the Fort Stevens State Park. Beautiful scenery, perfect camping accomodations, and an area rich in military history make this a perfect place for a family weekend, or more!

Dennis Burns: A great out of the way coffee shop in Tillamook, Oregon is Dekunsams Second Street Coffee Shop, at 1910 2nd St. Great "organic" coffee.

Virginia Taylor: "If you happen to be driving through or visiting Cannon Beach, OR on the first Saturday of any month, there is nothing finer or more fun than the fresh oyster feed at the American Legion Hall. The small oysters are so fresh and delicious and can be enjoyed raw,baked or fried. If oysters are not your dish, there is also delectible bottom white fish available. In addition, all is served with fluffy baked potatoes, rolls and butter and a crisp salad bar - so good! There is also a cozy bar, in which to await your table, serving cool cocktails, oyster shooters and shrimp cocktails! All in all I think it is an exciting adventure - The Oyster Feed at the American Legion Hall in Cannon Beach."

Nancy L. Black: Sometimes a planned trip brings unexpected suprises. In January, we booked a two-night stay at Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, Oregon. We ended up spending a glorious couple of days in the midst of a huge wind, rain and cold storm. Fallen trees, and flooding kept potential guests away. As a native Oregonian, the storm didn't deter our eating at the fine restaurants in Astoria. The Hotel proides a courtesy car, and the 1937 Buick's windshield wipers were running at full speed and there was water everywhere. We blew our way into the restaurant, returning to the hotel to continue our storm watching through the hotel's riverview windows. It was quite a trip, and if you are lucky, you too can enjoy a unique Sou'Wester that Astoria and the Columbia river can provide. My tip? The Cannery Pier Hotel, Cannery Cafe, Clementes and a good storm.

Scott Henningsen: The town of Oceanside (not too far from Tillamook) has a great restaurant called Rosanne's. It serves good home-style quality meals that never disappoint. The ocean view and beach there are also an enjoyable piece of the Oregon coastline.

Jayne A Bailey: I live on the Long Beach Peninsula and with a short drive across the Columbia River, always an ever changing scenic view, I come to Astoria. There I find scenery, great walking, interesting shops, great food from the best fish & chips at the Bowpicker, to fine dining to casual mexican at the Rio Cafe. The Maritime Museum is one of the best, the arts and cultural events are always available.

Kristi Walls: While wondering around Astoria and visiting the Astoria Column, The Goonies House and the Maritime Museum...Hunger struck. We stumbled upon a little fishing boat with the name Bowpicker Fish and Chips painted on it. The line was long but the bystanders insisted "It was worth the wait". Boy was it! Hand battered and dipped fresh Albacore Tuna deep fried to perfection. Thick cut steak fries go along with it. There is no inside seating but there are picnic table and people are happy to share their tables. Bowpickers is located on the corner of 17th and Duane street just up from the Maritime Museum. They are also on the web at Make sure to make time to stop by and enjoy the best fish and chips ever!

Alma Pence: My husband and I highly recommend the Cottages at Cape Kiawanda, OR. We had a beautiful condo right over the beach looking directly at Haystack Rock. It was perfect as there was a 5-6 floors sand dune and tidal pools at low tide just to the north of us on our beach that our grandsons enjoyed with us and their parents for a week end in January. With the help of binoculars, we could see hundreds of brown pelicans on Haystack Rock! A few days later, for some reason, they took off from there heading toward our condo and then a sharp turn in front of us to land just south of us on the beach! It was so amazing to see hundreds of these brown pelicans so close in front of us. We used the days we had exploring all there was to see to the north and to the south, which was a lot! We were there a week and had an absolutely wonderful time! The condo was one of the best we have ever had in our years of a week's timeshare around the country, and Hawaii! We read in the Oregonian later about the brown pelicans on the coast that usually don't come that far north!

Dave Bisacre: "This is for parents or Grandparents when at the Oregon coast and you have 2 or 3 days of overcast skies and chilly temps.We were ar Seaside the third week of July with 2 boys age 9 and 12. No sun and cold days we took them to the 12th St. bridge over the Necanicum river. They enjoyed fishing and crabing all day. They caught herring, anchovies, sea perch, sculpins and dungeness crab. They had lots of fun and kept busy with all the kids and people to mix with.All you need is fishing poles, some jigging hooks, a crab ring and fish heads for bait, (locally available.) The kids had fun all day and it was cheap too!

Richard: The South Beach Fish Market in Newport! Not only is it the best in fresh PNW seafood, perhaps the best fresh seafood in the WORLD! It is impossible to not sound like a paid advertisement singing the praise of this, the best of Oregon cuisine and hospitality. Locals love it and tourists make this a must stop when driving the Oregon Coast. For almost 25 years I have been priveldged to be a customer and fan. As a fan, I have traveled the world from the Seychelles, to Europe, the East Coast of the US and the Middle East,and recommended the Fish Market to anyone who loves seafood. I measure all seafood by the quality, quantity and freshness found here.

Brooks Gaston: Drive to Astoria and stay in the Cannery Pier Hotel. Get there by 5 for wine and cheese and lox in the lobby. Then ask for a drive in one of their restored cars to a local restaurant, or just walk across the parking lot to The Bridgeport Bistro. Leave plenty of time to just lounge in your room and watch the enormous ships passing just yards from your window. This is a getaway that would be great in any season! We have two young kids, and they were treated like royalty.

MIke Fontenot: The best backpacking trip in the Columbia Gorge can be found at Herman Creek . The Pacific Crest trail can be accessed from that trail too and don't miss the 1.000 year old Cedars at the upper end of the trail .

Linda Werner : Check out the North Coast Seafood Festival first full weekend in October at the Tillamook Fairgrounds. Mouth-watering seafood entrees plus Oregon wines and microbrews and Tillamook ice cream! Lively world music performances and some really great art! Not to be missed, it's fun for the whole family.T

Kimberly Johnson: When going to visit Lincoln City, Check out Gleneden Beach! It's more private, less crowded, and simply breathtaking!!

Jeffrey Ohren: Ecola State Park, just north of Cannon Beach, offers some great walking trails with views over the ocean. It's usually less crowded than Cannon Beach, and a great place to go for a hike with your dogs.

Wendy Petersen Boring: While hordes cluster in downtown Cannon Beach, the best lies at the south end of the beach near Tolovana Park: the best bakery on the Oregon Coast (Waves of Grain Bakery), and across the street, the historic Warren House Pub, with the best halibut burgers, fried oysters, seasonal beers, and in-house smoked salmon salad, especially tasty from their deck. A walk south along the beach takes you to a rock as big as Haystack, with a cave in it the kids love, and tide pools minus the crowds.

lindsay galen: spending an evening eating well and sharing a table with newly made friends at the Tables of Content before going to sleep with Oscar Wilde or under Poe's pendulum has been a favorite escape for me for years and one does not need to be part of a couple to enjoy it.

Amber Adams: Go to Astoria and act out the classic 80s film Goonies!

Lori Nussbaum: "While in Pacific City, be sure to go to the Riverhouse Restaurant on

the Nestucca River for an intimate dining experience. The fresh and delicious food and cozy atmosphere are worth the wait if all tables are full!34450 Brooten RoadPacific City, OR 97135(503) 965-6722"

scott thorkildson : when your thinking of going crabbing, I always go to yaquina bay. You have easy access to the bay. It's a working commercial bay so the kids have lots to look at with the big boats coming in and out. You can also dock on the north side for drop-offs and easy exchanges for people who only want to be out for a little time and would rather shop

Jane Luddecke: "A weeklong car trip along the Oregon coast in September is my idea of heaven. Going without reservations and stopping along the way in such favorite spots as Newport and Yachats. The final destination being the Park Motel south of Florence and several days of hiking at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area which is nearly deserted at that time of year. You feel that you're part of nature and free from worldly cares. "

Kristin Frost Albrecht: Visit Shallon Winery in Astoria, Oregon for a truly unique Oregon experience tasting blackberry wine that resembles a dry cabernet or cranberry whey wine both made from local berries and the latter including whey from our local dairy!

Susan Swansburg: Lunch at the Pacific Way cafe in Gearhart is a real treat. The restaurant is cozy and warm, and their dungeness crab open face sandwich is delicious. We go there any time we're in Gearhart. And, the adjoining bakery has some of the best morning pastries I've had.

Karen NeitzelIf: If you are looking for the ultimate in casual beach getaways, you must stay at the Agate Beach Motel. All of the rooms have decks overlooking the ocean where you can watch the surfers frolic in the waves or check out the beach yourself by walking down the staircase to the sand. You can walk for miles, and for those dog lovers out there, fido can come along.

Karla Forsythe: The beach at Arch Cape has wonderful hidden tide pools, and is much less crowded than Haystack Rock. You will need to go at low tide. Park at the end of Leech (just north of the tunnel). Walk toward the end of the creek along the cliff; cross the creek, and head through the opening. You'll see plentiful anemones and starfish, find whole sand dollars if it's early enough, and you can head around the cliff for a look at the Arch. Lodging: Arch Cape Inn, restored beach motel that takes dogs.

Vince Patton: Skip whale migration season in the winter. Instead, you'll see far more whales, much closer to shore, in August and September. Take a whale tour out of of Depoe Bay in these months and you're just about guaranteed multiple sightings of resident gray whales who stop here to feed for weeks or months at a time!

Michael Ayers : If you enjoy the beach, shopping, bike riding and adventure stay at Honeyman Campground. The dunes are around the park for tons of hiking and exploring and you even have one dune that goes right in to Cleawox Lake. A small rental unit at Cleawox lake allow paddleboats, canoes and swimming fun. You can walk or bike to the lake and the park has numerous trails for biking and hiking. Across the highway is a lake for skiing and fishing. The town of Florence is just up the road and shopping at Old Town gives one a feel of the quaintness of a small village. The beach is just a short drive from the park. For a great get a way come to Honeyman State Park and enjoy what Oregon has to offer.

April Haskell: Barview Jetty in Rockaway, is a great camping place for families. Their is a sand hill, lake, and a large jetty. The jetty separates Tillamook bay and the ocean. It's a great place to walk out onto because waves crash onto the rocks from both sides--great place to watch the sunset. Pirates Cove Restaurant has a bay view and excellent yet inexpensive breakfast.

Laura West: While just about every part of the south coast is beautiful, there is

absolutely nothing like climbing to the tip of Cape Ferrelo in Boardman State Park south of Bold Beach, Oregon. To stand at the rim and let the wind blow through you while taking in the vast ocean, sea stacks, and grassy hills is like being at the edge of the world. It is a genuine wilderness.

Don Gischer: Browsing in the many antique shops in the towns along the Oregon coast is a great way to spend a fall weekend.

Carolyn Merrill: "When on the coast best place to grab fresh seafood with a view is at the Jetty Fishery in Rockaway Beach. It is right off the highway across a parking lot for defunct boats.At the Fishery, you pick fresh, live crab and oysters from the huge tanks. The friendly owner with wind burned hands cooks all for you as you sit outside and drink a cold beer. This place is best visited in the chilly winter. You will not be sorry."

Tom Hughes: "If you want to go somewhere a little quieter than Cannon Beach conisider the town of Gearhart it justa few miles North and a lot less crowded on summer weekends."

Mark Harris: A family tradition for us are bacon and egg sandwiches on Cannon Beach with a strong cup of coffee. I use Como bread with a couple off eggs, good smokey bacon, a sharp cheddar and avocado. Wrap the sandwiches in foil and head out the door with a thermos of coffee. In an hour and 20 mins you are sitting on the beach with a sandwich that is still warm!

Rachel Hanson: Climbing Saddle Mountain, the highest point of the NW oregon coast. Views of the Cascade Range, the ocean and Astoria. Not too tough of a climb and the views are breathtaking.

Mary Ann Becker: Be sure to plan to attend the Tillamook County Fair held In Tillamook, OR, in August. As part of the entry price you will enjoy the World Famous Pig-N-Ford races. Several local men bring out their old Model T Fords, run to an enclosed pen, grab a weiner pig, tuck the pig under their arms, race to their car, turn the crank to start the engine, jump in with the pig and race around the track. They driver's must complete 3 laps, stopping to change pigs between each lap. It is hilarious and a good family fun event.

Audrey Maloney: Cascade Head - my favorite hike in Oregon. Spectacular views of miles of coastline, beautiful forest, rare plants & butterflies, all in one 5-mile-hike that I enjoyed for the first time when I was about 8 or 9 years old. 20 years later, I still love it.

Pallie Campbell: The best breakfast ever is served at the Red Apple in Tillamook, Oregon. It's a small diner/hotel with a small restaurant. Once you have tried their delicious breakfast you we go back again and again. They are very moderately priced and the service is great.

Walter Meeuwsen: Check out Newport's historic bay-front makeover/restoration while you stroll to the wharf and check out the local sea and land life. For a truly delightful and memorable dining experience, visit Shark's at the beginning of Bay street, tucked in between a gift shop and a seafood vendor and try a delicious seafood meal created in a very unique steam cooking system. Their cioppino is out of this world, as are the pan roasts - we try something new every time we go and have yet to be disappointed. The owners are a delight, and you can take their signature cioppino sauce home to make your own; our only complaint is that Newport isn't closer!


Jennifer Freedman: When on the Northern Oregon coast there is one stop that can't be missed, Dooger's Seafood and Grill. They have hands down the best Clam Chowder period. Dooger's is always my first stop in Seaside for a quart of Clam Chowder to go. The ratio of clams to potatoes is just right and while creamy, the soup is not thick. Dooger's Clam Chowder goes with every meal any time of year, don't visit the Northern Oregon Coast without a stop at Dooger's!

John W. Pendleton: Have dinner at the Nehalem River Inn, about mile from route 101 in Nehalem. Fine dining, inventive menu, romantic - my wife and I always eat there when on the coast.

Sharon Meeuwsen: Netarts Bay is stunningly beautiful in the morning - early am brings a long string of crabbing boats, seals looking for breakfast and playing in the channel, then continue around the bend to open ocean surf and Tillamook Head to the South...I will never leave Oregon!

Sharon Galloway: While in Cannon Beach, stop in at Bill's Tavern for the best halibut fish and chips along with their own brews and good selection of wine. Always a fun atmosphere and great food.

Pamela Ashland: Visit Cape Perpetua and enjoy the beach, tide pools, spouting horns, hikes in the forest, history, and a beautiful visitors' center. The best view is from the the very top of Cape Perpetua -- either walk the trail or drive the road -- stunning!


Richard Cowan: My daughter and I visited Capella by the Sea Chapel in Brookings,OR last month. It is so beautiful and peaceful. It sits in Azalea Park which is quite a little gem complete with a band shell. The park has many benches and sculptures for your enjoyment. It also has beautifully planted and tended flowers.

Dusty Rose: We moved here from the midwest 5 years ago. We live in McMinnville, we love to take a ride to the coast and walk the beach most any time of year. The ride we take most often is to Pacific City. We ask our West Highland Terrier if she wants to go to the beach and she hops in the car and we are off! We love the beach areas and the view of a Haystack Rock. We are not much for the crowds that are at some of the locations, but have found a great little place called The Delicate Palate, it is located in The Pacific City Inn. After an afternoon on the beach a bowl of Patt's Corn chowder with crab & rock shrimp hit the spot!! The Burger is another excellent choice and Geoff can par an Oregon wine to make the meal a lovely experience to complete the beach trip. We have become regulars when opportunity strikes!!

Lynn Neskow: Our favorite place for beach walks,relaxation and wonderful views of Proposal Rock and Cascade Head. Hawk Creek cafe has the best food, especially the pizza! The menu has changed over the years but the food has always been wonderful showcasing Willapa Bay Oysters and other seafood caught locally. We enjoy visiting Pacific City's Riverhouse for dinner where the fish is always fresh! We love visiting the Oregon Coast where fresh fish is abundant and wonderful!

Rose Engeldinger: When traveling in the Tillamook area I love to plan a stop at Bear Creek Artichokes. This country farm style store is 11 miles south of Tillamook on Highway 101. The produce stand is well stocked, the plants in the garden section are inspiring, but most of all their homemade pastries and treats are exceptional. We have also enjoyed their fresh oysters many times. Plan to stop there and your taste buds will be rewarded!

Don Drew: The drive along the Oregon coast from Astoria to Lincoln City with the outstanding views, great restaurants and good places to stay.

Edward Fisher: Check out the Gray Whales feeding in Whale Cove north of Newport from Beck's Restaurant on Highway 101. The service and meals at Beck's Restaurant are also superb! Ask for information from Kelly.

Carla Venturi: Visitors to the central Oregon coast should not miss a trip to Yachats. Situated between Florence and Newport, Yachats has a small town feeling with a big city variety of restaurants and hotels. The Green Salmon is the place to go for breakfast, or maybe a stop at the Drift Inn. The rocky shoreline is perfect for tidepooling. There are resident whales all summer long, not to mention sea lions, porpoises and harbor seals. Pelicans, Osprey and Bald Eagles are also a common sight.Winter time brings storms and an opportunity to beachcomb for shells and other treasures.A hike into the forest will take you into another world of old growth Sitka Spruce. In the Fall the ground is covered with Chantrelle and Porcini mushrooms. Don't miss Yachats, "Where the forest meets the sea".

Andrea Sachs: If you are visiting Lincoln City, and are a book lover, don't miss the wonderful book sale at the Lincoln City Library every Monday and Saturday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Thousands of books for sale for the cost of $1.00 each for most books - and 50cents for pocketbook size. Many categories to choose from, and not only old favorites but lots of recent publications!

Al Rasmus: While you are visiting all of hte great historical and beauty sights in Clatsop County, take the time to wander through the sand dunes just off the beach by the South Jetty. You will find luscious Oregon wild strawberries growing in patches all over the dunes. These small berries take a lot to fill up a person but their taste is wonderful.

James Brown: For me, this bicycle ride that I am about to share with everybody is an absolute must for bicyclists that are in average shapeds to do on their next visit to the Central Oregon Coast. You can camp at Honeyman State Park, which is just South of Florence. Of course, you can camp anywhere else that is suitable for your needs. My suggestion is to get up early and be ready to go as soon as daybreak occurs. Go North from Honeyman State Park approximately 25 miles, turn right when you see signs for Cape Perpetua and start the climb towards the Cape. Instead of turning left at the sign for Cape Perpetua continue East and just follow the road(which is clearly marked) to the Yachats River Road and continue approximately 7 miles to Yachats. Have a nutritious lunch, and then commence the 30 mile ride South (in the Summer the North winds do miraculous wonders for the rider), and before you know it your senses will be heightened by the breath taking vistas and you will be ready to jump in Honeyman Lake and reward yourself with a most refreshing dip. Afterwards, have a healthy and delicious campfire dinner. A most remarkable day of riding will be savored by the riders for days after completion of this ride. Enjoy!!!

Kevin Ulam: Find the remnants of a B17 bomber that crashed in 1943 right below Cape Lookout. The landing gear strut is sticking out of the rocks at just about the farthest point out you can get to on the south side of the Cape. Go at low tide. I heard there are two engines also, but we didn't find them. I heard about it at the Boy Scout camp just down the beach. Nice beach + rock walk.

Scott Newlon: We love Cannon Beach and wanted to share that our favorite thing to do is to eat at Fultano's Pizza, then take a sunset stroll on the beach, followed by scoops of ice cream at the Picnic Basket.

Ann Logan: Not to be missed is a trip to the Heceta Head Light House. Stay at the bed and breakfast which is where the lighthouse keeper stayed with his family. It is a great place to relax and a nice walk down to the beach. There are people there to tell you about the light house. The breakfast is to die for, cooked by the owners each morning with wonderful food that you would not normally have. You might even meet the lady that is said to haunt the house.

Carl K. Hart, Jr.: A sunset dinner at Roseanne's restaurant in Oceanside is unforgettable for its marvelous view of sky, land and sea, while dining on a great seafood special with your choice of an Oregon wine. Bring a small group of famiy or friends, as the prices are moderate, the atmosphere comfortably informal and the car trip there an adventure. You'll eagerly return as a coastline traveler and surely recommend the experience to your friends.

Becky Jarvis: My travel tip is that many of our light houses during the summer months offer tours. It is a great way to get some historical info about our wonderful state.


Kevin Langeslay: Crawl out of bed on a Saturday morning, grab a shower and coffee and hit the open road. Head to Lincoln City, less than 90 minutes from Portland, and check into the Historic Anchor Inn which is a small inn nestled in Lincoln City's historic Taft district. It is affordable, clean, and oh so charming! Spend the day playing on the beach, browsing at the outlet mall, or visiting a number of charming antique stores. Head back to the motel for a nap and shower and make your way to the amazing Blackfish Cafe for an unbelievably good beach town restaurant. Actually just an unbelievably good restaurant that happens to be in a beach town. In the morning after your delicious complimentary hot breakfast at the Historic Anchor Inn meander your way back to Portland. You will feel you've gotten a real Oregon getaway without the stress, distance, or cost.

Lisa Richardson: Definitely eat beer battered halibut at Dory Cove in Lincoln City, and when your meal is over visit the other end of the building (Capt. Ron's Smokehouse) and get smoked salmon to take home. That way you can still get a luscious taste of the ocean to remind yourself to make plans for another trip!

Martin Connolly: Free wine tasting at the Mohler Winery in Mohler, Oregon just outside of Wheeler seven days a week. The blackberry wine is ridiculous.

Lori Hollenbach: I love visiting Pacific Seafood in Bay City. Oysters on the half shell and clam chowder are so good! Also watching oysters being shucked on the weekdays.

Darlene F. Looney: Really enjoyed "Brookings,Oregon". The Art along the harbor for sale, was beautiful and the many wonderful shops; to explore, was thrilling. Loved their Library, full of books for adventures, along the Oregon coastline. Their parks offer music to relax & appreciate, on their beautiful grounds, each weekend. Exploring Brookings,Oregon was so enjoyable, we invited many friends; to join us, in our rental unit! Thank You Oregon Coastline.

Kathy Gregg : Newport bay front is the best. check out the fantastic murals painted on the processing plant walls; have some clam chowder; walk out on the piers and check out our fishing fleet; listen to the sea lions barking thier tunes; buy some FRESH fish and smell the sea air. Newport has a "working" bayfront. it's quaint, authentic, and wonderful and it's free.

Sharon Donnelly: We moved to Oregon almost two years ago and I've seen some beautiful sights in that time. One of my favorite was seeing the Pacific Ocean at Cannon Beach for the first time. The huge rocks in the mist and the sound of the surf were otherworldly to me that morning. I had chill bumps from the experience and will always remember it as spiritual experience.

Anthony Miller: The best place to stay for the money on the coast is the Sand Castle in Lincoln City. Right on the beach, every unit is a suite and has a full kitchen.

Taryn Pestalozzi: For a quite, relaxing beach, check out Waldport. There are tons of houses to rent, it's not super touristy, and there aren't a lot of people on the beach. A great way to spend a relaxing short vacation.

Penny Bullock: Go to the wonderful beaches at cannon beach and seaside and enjoy the great shops after soaking up the fantastic ocean adventure.Sleep in one of the hotels right on the beach with the doors open to hear the waves of the ocean braking all night long.

Yvonne Jacquemin: “My husband and I received an anniversary gifta few years ago, for a one-night stay at Heceta Head Light Bed and Breakfast. At thesuggestion of our hosts, we took the short walk up the hill to see the light at night.It was a fantastic experience, a truly magical scene as we stood underneath the light and watched its rotation around and over the sea. An unforgettable evening, and a superbbreakfast, complete with ghost stories, thefollowing morning!“

Julie Cozens: “This isn’t much of a secret, but it was a magical place when I was a kid and I still love to visit as an adult. Growing up my grandparents lived in Lincoln City and knew you didn’t need an aquarium to see marine life up close and personal.From the beach access at Roads End Park in Lincoln City, head north up the sand an hour before low-tide. Plenty of treasures like agates can be found along the way, and when you arrive at Cascade Head, the tide pools are spectacular and if the tide is low enough, you can catch a peek at the hidden cove around the corner. “

Kerry Johnson: White Wolf Sanctuary just outside of Yachats. It is a privately owned, non-profit rescue for white wolves. The woman who owns/runs it does it purely for the love of the animals. You can tour the facility, learn about wolves and get a few wolf kisses - through a fence,of course. Absolutely wonderful experience and entrance fee supports a great cause.

Laura Kuperstein: South Beach Fish Market is always a fun experience. It’s a funky, local place with incredibly delicious meals. Love to sit outside at their picnic tables. It’s a great spot that really makes me feel like I’m on vacation.

Bob Moser: “BETTY’S PIES IN DEPOE BAYThe focal point of downtown Depoe Bay is the bridge over the harbor entrance, the Tradewind Trollers ticket office and the Spouting Horn restauant. Sport fishing and whale watching trips are treats for the eye, while Betty Taunton’s pies are feasts for the taste buds.She’s been making pies for her SpoutingHorn restaurant, closed Tuesdays, since the late l960s. Twice a week she goes ““out in the Valley“” to buy fruit and berries in season, makes her own mince meat and always has banana cream, my favorite.The lard she uses for those flaky crusts may be a don’t ask don’t tell matter, so we won’t tell. However, a corps of cental coast residents and some regular visitrs can vouch for Betty’s scrumptious pies.(Available after lp.m. daily.)”

Dolores J Olsen: Travel Highway 101, the beauty is unsurpassed, the little towns along the way are all different, the beaches are easily accessed. and the pace is very low key.

Cherie McGrew: “When we’re visiting the Lincoln City and surrounding areas on the Oregon Coast we thoroughly enjoy taking time in our day to sample the good restaurants in the area. Two of our favorite lunch spots are the Side Door Cafe in Gleneden Beach (665 Gleneden each Loop) and The Bay House Restaurant in Lincoln City (5911 SW Highway 101). The Side Door Cafe has a warm ambiance and many delicious offerings such as their beef, chicken or bay shrimp quesadillas. The daily quiche special is always good as are their salads, soups and burgers. We were also delighted when The Bay House began serving lunch. What a treat to look out at the Siletz Bay from one of the window tables appointed formally for dinner but welcoming us for an afternoon small plate luncheon. The menu varies but we have experienced scallops, pear and blue cheese salads, savory soups, pastas, and Kobe beef sliders. Prices are much more affordable at lunch time and the experience is just as memorable.“

Fran niles “One of my favorite Oregon travel memories is at a spot on the Oregon coast. It is very special lodging at Moolack Shores in Newport, Oregon. Moolack Shores is situated so that you can easily visit Newport and Lincoln City. After you register you are able to spin a wheel to win various prizes, one of which is an logo-embroidered baseball cap that our family one. It offers ocean-view rooms that each have a different and unusual theme. Our favorite room had to be the Nautical Room. My two very young sons were enthralled with the built into the wall beds with nautical windows that allowed them to look out into the ocean. If you have boys, you definitely need to have this experience with them and going out on the beach with flashlights at night just steps away.Ah, such memories...Very sweet, Very quaint - Moolack Shores! “

Laurie Svec: My family and I found Lost Creek State Recreation Site on the map and we were very thrilled to enjoy a picnic in the park, an easy walk to the beach for the grandkids and elders, and a perfect little stream for the boys to play in safely nearby. Sandwiches, sun, sand, and surf, made the day just wonderful!

Susan Tate: Walk the Yachats Ghost Trail 804 Trail south from Starr Creek, above the crashing waves and spectacular rocks complete with blow-holes and lava caves. In Yachats, share micro-brews,seafood chowder and ocean views at the historic Drift Inn. Walk the 804 back to Starr Creek and you’ve hiked about 3.5 miles. The 804 trail started as a Native American foot path, then was the automobile connection from Yachats to Waldport until Hwy 101 was built in the 1930s. Never tire of this adventure.

Mary Ellen Ordal: One of my favorite places to showcase something remarkable to visiting friends is to visit the Largest Sitka Spruce in the US on US 26 near the coast, at Klootchy Creek County Park. The 700+ year old huge tree was struck by lightning a few years ago, and knocked over, much to the sorrow of many of us fans. Now, its trunk and limbs are bleached a silvery gray, resembling dinosaur bones in a museum. It is still impressive,and nearby are other huge trees. This is always worth a brief stop on the way to the coast.

Francesca Manti: The Newport, OR farmer’s market has become a favorite saturday morning tradition not just for the bountiful produce, craft foods, and flowers available. Pacific Sourdough Hot grilled pizza stand has the most fabulous grilled flatbread pizza this side of Italy (or at least New York), and it has become my saturday morning breakfast indulgence. Mike has perfected wife Katie’s sourdough (I think this is how the story goes), tops it with seasonal goodies, and grills it to perfection. My favorite is the fresh corn off the cob, pancetta, and red onion. Fresh basil and tomato is another hot seller. There are always two with garden fresh toppings, plus a quattro formaggi option, to choose from. Mike and partner Delano have designed a crust that is flavorful and crisp but doesn’t overpower the toppings. Sit down curb-side to savor your slice, or stroll through the market to enjoy. Finish by sharing a basket of berries for a saturday treat that is healthy for body and soul. The last saturday of October is a mournful day, when the six month wait for another slice begins.

Gregg Brash: Stay at Beverly Beach Campground in a Yurt. Warm and cozy, close to the beach, nice woodsey setting. Also close to Newport for good shoping and the waterfront resturants. Lots of fun things to do with the family.

Meredith Manchester: Astoria is gaining a reputation for great restaurants. My favorite is The Columbia Café. All items are made to order right in front of you. Even the prep is done to order. Fresh ingredients are always used and beautifully prepared. My husband and I love breakfast which includes large fresh thick toast with three types of homemade salsa. Their orange juice is fresh, exactly as described and goes great with any of their breakfast items. They also make the best potatoes topped with cheese, an excellent addition to a perfectly prepared omelet or frittata. The Columbia Café has been recognized by The Oregonian but also by the prestigious New York Times for their great food and fun atmosphere. If you are lucky you can sit at the counter and have a front row seat while the chef performs magic with local ingredients. Don’t miss this uniquely Oregon dining experience.

Michele Es-sahb: Doogers Restaurant in Cannon Beach has THE BEST clam chowder on the coast. It’s not to be missed.

Lauren Lewis: “The edge of the World” 2 view points north from short sands on highway 101. Step over the railing and desend on the path, it will lead you to an overlook on the see.

Warren: A day for the family at Cannon Beach begins at the city park. Easy access to the beach, picnic tables, and bbq’s makes this our favorite park in the area. Catch the shuttle bus into town for a leisurely stroll thru the plentiful shops and stores that line the streets. Don’t forget the hand pulled taffy and other handmade treats. While in town, pick up a kite to catch the breeze with when you return to the park. Cannon Beach, close to Portland, but feels a world away in terms of fun and a change of scenery and pace.

Leona Atkinson : “Small town. Good food. Pleasant accommodations. Beautiful beach. Friendly people. Interesting attractions and fishing and crabbing nearby. Need I say more? All this and more describes a quaint little community called Oceanside in Tillamook County, OR. If you want some fantastic ocean views, an un-crowded beach, good home cooked food with fresh seafood featured as ““the catch of the day“”,then this is a place you should definitely check out on your travels through Oregon. Other things close by to view are the Cape Mears Lighthouse and the Octopus Tree which are only a 3 mile drive from Oceanside, also the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook which is only 11 miles away.Oceanside Oregon is indeed a treasure trove of beauty and goodness that is off the beaten path. I encourage you to visit this ““Oregon Treasure“” at least once in your lifetime, you won’t be disappointed. “

Corrinn Hardesty: “My travel trip is close to my heart and is a place I am reminded of each time I look at my ring finger :) Pacific City is a must-see location for anyone looking for a quaint, beautiful, and relaxing coastal getaway. This area of Oregon holds a unique spot in my heart, because it is where my fiance dropped to his knee and proposed last spring. The dune of Pacific City is one of its most popular draws and was supposed to be the location of Nathan’s (my fiance) proposal. As any Oregonian knows, Mother Nature enjoys throwing surprises at the Great Northwest, when it comes to the weather forecast. When Nathan and I arrived at Pacific City that Sunday afernoon, the sky was blue and a few clouds were in sight. However, by the time we reached the sand and began climbing ““the dune,“” it seemed as though a monsoon had landed ashore. Although the view of waves crashing against the rocks was breath-taking from atop the dune, we could not hear each other talk and could barely keep our feet on the ground. We decided to find refuge back on the shore, in a brushy area. Once we arrived there, the winds had died down; the rain had halted; and Nathan I finally had a moment to enjoy each other’s company and relax. When I say moment, I mean a moment, perhaps even half a moment. Before we knew it a rain drop fell from the sky and we knew we had better start heading back to the car, before the sky opened again. I turned my back to begin gathering our belongings and fold the blanket we were sitting on. As soon as I turned around Nathan had a box in his hand and droppped to one knee. Now, the only water I could feel was coming from my eyes. Before I knew it Nathan was asking me to be his wife. As we locked eyes and embraced, I said, ““Yes“” and Nathan placed a gorgeous diamond ring on my finger. Time stood still for another moment. As soon as that moment was up, the Oregon coast showed its true colors once again. The rain began falling. The wind began gusting. And Nathan and I began to sprint to the car. Running together for the first time as an engaged couple, we made it to the car in record time. So my Oregon travel tip is to take a trip to Pacific City. It is a place I have journeyed to a dozen times. Each trip has left a different mark, but perhaps the most important was that windy, rainy, and blustery afternoon in March. Pacific City has amazing eateries, cozy lodging, and perhaps most important, scenery that cannot be duplicated. Even on the wettest day, Pacific City boosts the mind, body, and soul. And in my case, the heart as well. It is a location I can never forget and cannot stay away from. I advise you to do the same and make your own, unforgettable memory.“

Colleen Hermann-Franzen : To experience a great day on the Oregon Coast, be sure to stop at Norma’s Diner in Seaside for excellent, affordable seafood. Then, travel to just south of Cannon Beach, where you will find a beautiful, secluded beach called Hug Point. Much less crowded than some of the better known beaches. On your way back home on Hwy 26, be sure to fill up on fresh water from one of the fountains of spring water just off the road! 

Jane Ramm: Wanda’s Cafe and Bakery, In Nehalem Bay, OR. Best breakfast and baked goods on the coast. Friendly staff.

Lael Sanders: If you are in the vicinity of Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast, don’t miss seeing the spectacular Haystack Rock, 2nd largest monolith in the world.

Frances Sabin: For those who would like to relive their travel in Ireland sipping on the oldest Irish ale, Smithwicks, it can be found here in Seaside, Oregon. All you have to do is drop into McKeowns on Broadway, just east of the river, for a refreshing “Smiticks” as the Irish call it. I was once told that when Americans show up we are referred to as the “Smithwicks” given we pronounce the name as it is written, not as the Irish order it.

Margaret Keeler: “Acquiring a taste for the English pub way of eating and drinking on previous trips to England, we were naturally led to the small, but lively and very authentic Irish pub called Nana’s at Nye Beach on the Oregon coast at Newport. With the most melt-in-your-mouth fabulous Reuben sandwich, good beer, and other Irish fair cooked with love, this little spot of Irish heaven is a place we return to as often as we can. Scotch eggs, baked brie, shephard’s pie... the menu makes you hungry for some hearty food.Situated only steps away from peaceful Nye Beach and the quaint Nye Beach shopping district, Nana’s offers not only consistent service (familiar waiters every time), but a family friendly atmosphere with live music weekly (and Guinness on tap).With quaint hotels and cabins nearby, we can’t wait to spend more time exploring this lovely area and returning to this little corner of Ireland on the Oregon coast.“

Christine: Newport, Oregon has some of the best family fun places! We always stop and eat at the 50’s diner Fastbacks near the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Taking the tour of pier you can see the sea lions and seals. We like to tour the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, the Wax Museum and the under Sea Gardens. The sights and smells are amazing!

Linda Dodge: From the west campground loops at Honeyman State Park near Florence, follow the trail west to the dunes. Hike up to the top of the highest dune in the early morning--bringing coffee in your own to-go cup. Enjoying morning coffee enhances the joy for me of sitting at the top, bare feet buried in the sand, reveling in the views of lake, ocean, trees and dunes. You can see for miles and miles!

Forrest Romig: Next time you visit an Oregon Beach, time your visit to participate in one of SOLV’s (Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism’s) beach clean-ups. You will need to donate just a few hours to help clean up a beach or beach-side park while helping to maintain the beauty of Oregon’s coastline--the reason we all go there. Find more information about clean-up events at

Trina Leschber: Our favorite place for camping at the beach with young children is Beachside State Campground. The path to the beach is relatively flat, so makes it easy to return to the camp site or bathroom.

Mary Dennis: Parking your RV in the overflow parking lot at the Mill Casino in Coos Bay makes a convenient, affordable base for visiting the attractions in the area.

Barbara Willis: There is a new wine bar in Cannon Beach called the “Lush Wine Bar”. This is a first for Cannon Beach! The wines are all excellent and they have very delicious small plates of food as well. It has a cute atmosphere and I loved that they had a garden area to sit outside in nice weather! A real exciting new find in Cannon Beach!

Barbara Willis: One of the most amazing places we traveled with our small son was the “West Coast Game Park” in Bandon, Oregon. We were able to pet little 8 or 9 week old Tiger Cubs (one family at a time) which was an unbelievable experience. There were young black panther cubs being walked on leashes through the park and so many other animals that one would never imagine being able to be that close to, never mind being able to touch and play with! No one could believe the pictures that we brought home that day. It had to be one of the most memorable experience of my sons childhood. And my adulthood! Most people I have told about this great park have never heard about it! 

Kathy Richmond: Don’t just drive by, experience what the local area has to offer. Going crabbing is one of our favorite activites. It’s fun, easy and the rewards are tasty. We also meet interesting people. We like to crab at Netarts and stop for lunch at the Schooner. They have the best wings! It’s the perfect day!

Lisa Clausen: The best secret coastal community is Oceanside - west of Tillamook. Brewin’ in the Wind has the finest dark blend roast called The meaning of Life which gives new meaning to life with a walk on the pristine beach.

Stephanie Wachsmuth: Spend a day experiencing the wonders of the ocean at Newport, Oregon, on a budget. Begin by crabbing and fishing off the Newport Pier, and if you’re lucky, you may even catch a starfish! Pack a picnic lunch to save money, or head to Rogue Brewery right off the peer for some great food and drink. Then head east just a little to the Hatfield Marine Science Center, and for a small donation, explore the wonders of the Oregon Coast all afternoon. Finally, head back to your lodging, or make a fire on the beach, and cook up the crab and fish you caught at the pier while the sun sets on your glorious day.

Brian Horne: “Silvia Beach Hotel Nye Beach OR - A hotel for book lovers. The rooms are named like Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, etc. Books throughout the property and no tv’s, radios, or wi-fi! Breakfast is included in the rate and they serve it family style with 8 chairs per table to allow for people to get acquainted. The name of the dining room is ““Tables of Content.““Dinner is spectacular. People often say ““It is the best meal I ever had.“” What a great place to head to in the winter; especially with their great winter rates. Perfect get-away with spouse or with friends.“

Gene Schaffer: Newhalem Bay State Park is a great place to family camp. They have miles of bicycle path’s, close to services in Manzanita (gold, groceries, meals, etc. With excellent access right to the beach and newhalem bay.

Dianne Kindrick: Yachats is always a great place. Cape Perpetua is fun for all the family to explore. You have a large assortment of restaurants in all price ranges. On my last trip I really enjoyed driving the circle on Cape Ranch Road plus there are other scenics trips in this local area.

Mike Little: South of Reedsport there’s a small BLM campground, North Eel, on the west side of highway 101. West of that campground are 2 1/2 miles of the tallest dunes in Oregon, and they’re free of motorized vehicles. There are small freshwater ponds and pine woods and a beautiful expanse of sand that leads to a nearly private beach.

Andrew W. Anderson: “Hammond, Oregon, is my hometown, It is a hamlet of only 500 residents and is Oregon’s most Northwest city. Overshadowed by Fort Stevens State Park, Hammond has its own virtues: a popular sports fishing harbor, fabulous Crab Festival and superb views of the lower Columbia along the Waterfront Trail east three miles to Warrenton. Vestiges of Hammond’s history can be along this trail: Oregon’s only Whaling station at BioProducts, the town pier dominated for fifty years by Point Adams Packing Company, and the retired US Coast Guard station at the edge of town. Early homesteader B. C. Kindred sold the townsite to developers who named the town NEW ASTORIA. When lumber baron Andrew Hammond was looking for a site to build a mill, the city fathers renamed the in hopes of attracting Hammond’s attention. It didn’t work, but the name stuck for about one hundred years.

Scott T. Crane: Travel log: 9:30 am from Portland head to Tillamook via west SR-26 and SR-6, eat locally produced ice cream and cheese at the Tillamook Creamery, then continue on to tour the three capes scenic route. The north and central Oregon coast has numerous beautiful headlands that jut out into the ocean, dropping hundreds of feet from old growth spruce and fir forests down to pounding rocky shores and small sandy beachesmost of them all state parks. Take 101 south through several neat towns stopping along the way to climb a dune by Pacific City’s Hay Stack Rock, if the mood hits, stop at the Pelican Brew Pub for a beer and burger. Alternately, move on to Neskowin, the West Coast version of a small, intimate rental vacation community and the wood oven cooked pizza at Hawk Creek Café since by then, it’s somewhere between lunch and dinner. A lightly populated beach stretches for a mile or two; Proposal Rock lies just off shore (at lowest tide you can walk around it). Then it’s a 60 minute drive inland on SRs 18 E and 22 E to Salem. Head north to Portland. Or, for an additional Winery-tour leg of the journey, instead of going all the way in to Salem, stay on SR 18 E to 99 N and pass through some of Oregon’s finest Pinot Noir country. This would add about an extra hour just to drive through, as it’s a two-lane highway as opposed to the six lane freeway further inland. Watch the highway markers, as it cuts through a couple towns with funny jogs. End back in Portland.

Norman Yoshida: To pinch pennies and still enjoy the Oregon coast, go to the Lincoln City Visitors’ Bureau website and download a coupon book. Use a discount coupon to book one of the hotels listed, and use any of the other coupons listed. You’ll be at the coast for beautiful strolls along the beaches at no cost, and able to score discounts at every turn. If you’re traveling from Portland to Lincoln City, stop off for a fabulous lunch at The Grande Ronde Buffet for under $10 (you won’t have to eat dinner after that); drop a few bucks in the slots for an inexpensive past time while you’re there. In these difficult economic times, you can still have fun at the Oregon coast at a discount. 

Alex Prentiss: How many times have you gone to the beach only to find that the north wind is blowing so hard you can barely stand up and your legs are being sand-blasted? If you are in Manzanita, you’re in luck. Just head back up Hwy 101 to Neah-kah-nie Mountain. Look for a gravel road on the right before you get to the view points - you can park here or drive up about half a mile to the trail head. The hike is an easy climb that takes less than an hour and since you’re on the south side of the mountain, it’s protected from the wind. It can be breezy at the top so take along a windbreaker and that picnic lunch you meant to eat on the beach. The view is fantastic. From there you can see for miles up the Nehalem valley, down the coast and out to sea. Wave to those poor souls battling the wind down on the beach and enjoy the beautiful day. 

Lois Barnum: When visiting Astoria or the North Coast, venture off the main track to Youngs River Falls. Only a few miles from Astoria and the popular Fort Clatsop National Memorial, it’s particularly impressive in spring, and a nice place for a cool dip in the summer. Most of the people you’ll see there will be locals. It is marked on most area maps, off Youngs River Road, southeast of Astoria.

Maryann Hargrove: Don’tmiss an opportunityto kayak on Sunset Bay near Coos Bay at sunset!

Jim Kosel: Valentine’s Day dinner at Multnomah Falls LodgeLois LarsonThe Adobe at Yachats. For those of us who travel with a pet there is one wing devoted to our furred friends. At check in with a pet one is given a pet towel for cleaning wet feet and doggie biscuits. Starting for a walk along the bluff you pass a dispenser for the bag necessary to clean up after your doggie does his business. The beach is very small but opportunity for wave watching is abundant. After wave watching and dog walking the resturant is one of the best.

Robert Fuller: For a great golfing getaway, plus an outstanding restaurant experience, make your way to Olalla Valley Golf Course, just east of Newport on Highway 20. You’ll find a hidden emerald treasure in a 9-hole course where the weather and course conditions are better than almost any other coastal golf course. Locals know that inland from Newport just a few miles can make the difference between a cold wind and fog, or clear, sunny skies and a course that is both challenging and beautiful. The club’s restaurant offers an array of breakfast and lunch meals, with a full dinner menu starting in October. The warm, natural wood decor, including a delightful floor made from recycled bowling alley lane wood, is a welcoming warm-up to your round of golf and your follow-up 19th hole. We often drop by just to sample the appetizers like skewered shrimp with chili sauce, or beef sliders with crumbled bleu cheese. It’s a hidden treasure of the central Oregon coast.

Linda McMurray: While driving on Highway 101 outside of Tillamook I spotted a sign indicating a waterfall. We had not heard of this particular waterfall so we decided to take a little side trip. We turned off the highway and drove a short way to a very small park-like parking area with picnic benches. The path to the waterfall is very well-maintained and an easy walk (I wouldn’t even call it a hike) with the stream and the trees; butterflies and birds; it was very pleasant. After a fairly short and easy walk we found the waterfall at the end of the trail. All in all it was a very pleasant (and romantic) place and we plan to revisit. Oh, and another good thing, no one else was there when we got there and we passed one couple on the path on the way back to the truck. Later on we stopped somewhere where we found a brochure about “our” waterfall. It turns out that Munson Falls is the tallest waterfall on the Oregon Coast.

Danielle Coughran: There is a fabulous glass blwing studio, just south of Lincoln City. It is Alder House & it is wonderful! A very nice man explains the whole process while you watch up close & personal. Plus they have a wonderful selection of amazing work to purchase. We love to stop here!!

Tom Mason: “In Astoria, a great lunch place is TPaul’s Urban Cafe on Commercial Street.Great food, large menu, friendly staff, and fun environment!“

Lisa E. Miller : My Oregon travel trip is when you travel to the Oregon coast bring shorts and coats in the summertime. The weather in the Portland/metro area could be 100 degrees but at the coast it could be 50 degrees and foggy. One summer when trying to escape the extreme hot weather in Portland wearing shorts, I encounted this and was not prepared by having a coat (which was dearly needed). 

Molly Frye: One of our favorite destinations is The Pelican Pub and Brewery in Pacific City. The pub is right on the beach so you can put your feet in the sand while enjoying first-rate pub fare and award-winning beer. The pub sits on the bay just east of Cape Kiwanda where the dory boats launch and surfers try for the big wave. In addition, there is a wonderful beach to stoll on and an impressive sand dune to climb for a spectacular view of the ocean and nearby coves.

Colleen Fleming : Don’t miss the Seaweed Natural Grocery store when you are in Port Orford, It is a great little locally owned store, with high quality natural food, and an amazing selection of wine and beer. It also is a great place to find out about what is happening in town. And if you buy some art in Port Orford and need it framed, there is a great frame shop right next door to have that done.

C.B. Wignot: One of my daughter’s favorite birthday traditions is to enjoy High Tea at the quaint Nye Beach teahouse, called “The Tea Party.” Tucked into a very British-looking tudor-style shop just a block up from the surf, this cozy spot offers dress-up hats & scarves to help you feel properly dressed for tea. The full “High Tea” is one of the best we’ve had outside of London, offering tiered trays of fresh scones, clotted cream, jam, savory sandwiches, tiny cakes and pretty individual pots of tea in a wide variety of flavors. There is also a cute and creative array of gift items for sale.

Renee Ferrera: Participating in an “Eddible Tide Pool” experience taught by a true character, Lee Gray (Wild Gourmet (541) 992-3798). You meet at the 15th street tide pools in the heart of Lincoln City. Lee teaches you all of the edible things on the beach and in the tide pools. He shows you how to harvest them, and gives you a history of their uses, both medicinal and culinary. He also recounts some unpleasant experiences as he investigated what was edible and what was not. Then after you harvest your limit, he takes you to his professional kitchen and teaches you how to cook your treasures. A class you will benefit from every time you go to the beach. I have taken the classes twice now with two groups of friends, and I learned new things both times. A wonderful experience!!!

Tim & C.B. Wignot: My husband & I stumbled across this charming little Newport cafe one morning while on a quick getaway from kids and jobs back in Portland. The Coffee House is a cute little house with glowing hardwood floors, a lovely deck & windows that look out at the fishing boats in the bay. We fell in love with the incredible food, especially the unique wild mushroom & spinach omlette that has a deliciously mysterious sauce. Their plate-size blueberry pancakes are melt-in-your-mouth, as are the homemade scones, muffins and Australian patries. Yum! 

Don Ashley: “Heceta Head Lighthouse State Park: Located between Yachats and Florence in the midst of spectacular Oregon coast scenery, is the complex of the Keepers House and the actual, operational lighthouse.Daily tours through the summer months are available for both the house and the light. Go back over 100 years and experience life in the late 1800’s and early 20th century. The interpretive tour guides guide you through what life was like on the remote Oregon coast 100 years ago. The light, which is still operational, has tours on the history and duties of the ‘lightkeepers’ of the early 20th century. Both tours are free of charge with donations accepted to keep the programs alive. It is truly an exciting experience, seeing what these lighthouse family’s encountered on a daily basis.“

K Rogers:   For a lovely walk on the beach on the Oregon coast, stop in Gearhart and then, visit Grarhart’s great little bakery & cafe for a fruit Danish or a great lunch. Our family had the best time there, quaint, quiet and a beach much less travelled, uncrowded and serene.

Janet McLain: Chief Tsiltcoos Trail 7 miles South of Florence off Highway 101, at mile post 198 is the trailhead. Chief Tsiltcoos Trail combined with the Waxmyrtle Beach Trail is a 1.25-mile trail that winds through coastal evergreen forests. At the end of the trail it opens up into a private stretch of flat sandy beach on the south side of Siltcoos Outlet. This area is not accessible by driving. This beach extends south to the Takenitch Outlet. Snowy Plovers and other bird life are present here. This area is closed off to vehicles because this five mile stretch is a wintering area for the Sandy Plover. It is also an ideal spot for finding sand dollars and beachcombing.

Janet McLain: “Trying to view seals from the cliffs north of Sea Lion Caves is one way to see them, but if you want a free, up close and personal spot- drive north on HWY 101 to Strawberry Hill, 8.7 miles north of Heceta Head Lighthouse and four miles south of Yachats at about milepost 169. Come to the Strawberry Hill Wayside at low tide and you’ll be rewarded with close encounters with dozens of harbor seals resting on the mussel and barnacle encrusted rocks. At low tide there are great opportunities to explore tidepools with sea urchins, starfish and green anemones. This is also a great whale watching spot! “

lucie willeman: If you like to kayak or canoe, but aren’t one of the athletic elite, a wonderful place to kayak is Nehalem Bay on the Oregon Coast. You can launch from the National Park at Manzanita. We went there last summer and were treated to a whole tribe of sea lions sunning on the shore. A few of the more adventurous youngsters even came out to check us out and play right next to our Kayaks! The trip from dock to mouth of the Bay was a perfect one hour out and another back. Be sure to watch the tide charts, though! You need to launch right as the tide is turning in so you have it helping you on the way back.

Jodi Picket: Take the road less traveled... visit a new State Park and rediscover the beauty that awaits you around the corner in Oregon. While on vacation Bandon, OR, we went wandering looking for Shore Acres state park. We were surprised at the beautifully maintained gardens, but overwhelmed with the beauty of the Pacific Ocean that was just a few steps outside the garden gate. One second we were in a secret garden surrounded by well cared for landscaping, and the next second we were standing overlooking one of the most breathtaking views of the coast we had ever seen. Our tip... go on an Oregon adventure and discover something wonderful just beyond the garden gate!

Ed Kluss: We like to stop at Camp 18 Restaurant on our way to Cannon Beach. The atmosphere is great, and the portions are huge. 

Susan Kluss: I love the Astoria Crab and Wine festival in April, especially the shuttle buses that seem to run through every street in town. This means that you can enjoy yourself without worrying about driving home after tasting the wonderful selection of wines. Bonus: no dealing with parking issues, either! 

Ned and Cindy Helzer: While in Manzanita, we were looking for a nice restaurant where we could enjoy a leisurely dinner. We found the Terra Cotta Inn, located at 725 Manzanita Ave., Manzanita, OR (503-368-3700) Superb meal and presentation as well as ambience. Offers American Cuisine and moderately priced. While we were lucky to just “walk in” we would recommend reservations, as the restaurant filled quickly! 

Debbie Lewis : “Waves of Grain“ bakery in South Cannon Beach is the way to wake up on a sleepy morning at the Oregon Coast. Bite into a big, fresh-baked cinnamon roll with a mug of their fantastic steaming hot coffee before heading out for a walk on the beach. They also have wonderful soups and light lunches in this cozy little house with a homey vibe.

Steven Armbrust: Visit Wakonda Brewing, in Florence. An out-of-the-way spot in an industrial park. But filled with friendly locals, and serving great beers you can’t get anywhere else, including a superb Imperial Pilsner. There’s no restaurant there, but every evening host Juanita organizes the customers and everyone orders takeout from a differing nearby spot. A unique Oregon Coast experience.

Francine Cach: I love to walk the long stretches of sandy beaches along Lincoln City. I always keep a plastic bag in my pocket so that when I take a walk on the Oregon coast I can pickup any plastic or other trash I find on the beach. The two beach cleanup weekends each year really help eliminate trash on the beach. The reality, however, is that I rarely walk on the beach and come back with an empty plastic bag. If you are lucky enough to come off the beach with an empty plastic bag you can save it for the next time or put your sand-filled shows in it to keep the sand confined to the bag.

Patty Carrasco: Did you ever wonder how a starfish breathes? Visit the Marine Hatfield Science Center in Newport and take the free guided tour of the Estuary and you will get the answer. You’ll learn about native plants as you walk down the trail, dig up shrimp in the mudflats, and even learn how starfish breathe. The Marine Hatfield Science Center is open year round and admission is by donation. In 2011 the NOAA research fleet will be moored nearby, making learning about the air and water even more fun.

Vicky Tinsley: One destination, two amazing experiences. Devils Punchbowl, Otter Rock state park is unique because of the opportunity to enjoy a great surfing and sun bathing beach that is protected from the wind by the rock formations that form the punchbowl and from the same parking lot you can walk in the oppisite direction and visit one of the best marine life beaches. Great tide pools and seal rookery. Oh and you can experience the punchbowl from the water level. The only thing that could make it better is stopping off in depot Bay for a great meal and unbelievable ocean view, at Tidal Raves. Save room for the Kentucky Bourbon Bread pudding. Take it from a real beach bum, everybody from 2 to 90 will love it. 

Ann lacour: visiting bandon, oregon...exploring all the little shops and restaurants, crabbing right off the dock.

Kristi Kasner: When traveling thru Oregon with kids the best place of history to stop at is the Carousal in Seaside. The memory lasts for years, and the kids enjoy it. Not counting that it is history. Also don’t forget to get sand dollars on the beach. My 2 and 1 year olds loved the hunt.

Vicky Hastings: The Bow Picker in Astoria serves yummy fish and chips right from an old boat. It’s Astoria’s version of a food cart.

Sue Lewis: For the best burger and microbrew on the Oregon coast, go to Warren House Pub in Cannon Beach. The view from the deck is spectacular, but the burger is what you’ll remember!

Ginny Waind: We enjoy going to the Seaside or Cannon beach for the weekend. It’s a little over one hour away from Portland and there is alot to do there. Seaside has many events going on and Cannon Beach is a little more laid back with good shops. Astoria has some great restaurants. The one that we like is Baked Alaska. It has the best view and the big ships are amazing. Gerhart is another nice beach town minutes away from Seaside.

Kathy Vann: My husband and I stay at our second home at “Otter Crest” every two months. We’ve tried many restaurants for lunch between Lincoln City and Newport. The one we recommend the most to fellow travelers is “Tidal Raves” in Depot Bay. It is difficult to find a restaurant that has a great food and views. A vast menu and whale watching while you dine make this our favorite!

Doug Stuivenga: A great Oregon hike just north of Lincoln City is the Hart Cove trail. It’s the lesser known hike on Cascade Head. From Lincoln City or Otis go north to the top of the hill, and then turn left on a small graveled Forest Service Road. From Nestucca going south turn right at the top of the hill. Stay left at every intersection until you reach the end. The trail switchbacks down through a second growth spruce forest, crosses a small creek, and then enters an old growth spruce forest with immense trees. It will take you up a canyon around Hart Cove, and then come out on a grassy headland with views of the waterfall in Hart Cove, sea lions swimming by, and great views to the north. The trip through the old growth forest is amazing, and the end on the headland is even better! You’ll also hear the barking of sea lions from a little known rookery at several points along the trail.

Trina Peterson: Oregon offers so many fabulous travel opportunities it is hard to pick one. My family and I have explored the Oregon coast for many years and our favorite winter pastimes is Agate hunting. After the storms blow thru we head to the beach to find these treasures. The best beach varies from year to year, so it truly is a treasure hunt.

Anne Correia: Bandon Beach Motel - the top corner room offers incredible views of the beach, sunsets, whale watching - and instant access to the gorgeous beach below.

Patti Lewis: Bill’s Tavern in Cannon Beach for the best halibut fish and chips EVER!! The onion rings are a close second, and their blackberry beauty beer is a must to wash it all down. Bring your best canine friend and sit outside on the patio for a perfect afternoon - great service too! 

Judy Gobat: “Travel to Newport, and visit the working docks. There you can purchase a fresh Tuna right off the boat! It’s great to take home and can, or barbeque. I love to watch the sea lions on the docks, also.Then head south to Beaver Creek,(south of WAldport) and take a kayak trip through the creek and see grass lands, and beautiful scenery.“

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