Datebook: A Closeup Of Dust, Artistry Of The Black Panther Party And Celebrating The Male Physique

“Made in L.A. 2018,” at the Hammer Museum. It is the fourth edition of the Hammer’s always intriguing biennial and this year’s show, organized by Anne Ellegood and Erin Christovale, brings together a wide ranging group of artists, ages 29 to 97, exploring an even wider range of techniques, ideas and materials. This includes conceptual photographs by John Houck and Daniel Joseph Martinez, an ancient Egyptian-inspired temple by Lauren Halsey, wry videos by Alison O’Daniel and the artist team of Jade Gordon and Megan Whitmarsh, a vast lobby mural by Eamon Ore-Giron and some incredible paintings of the female body — as seen by female artists — by Christina Quarles, Linda Stark and Luchita Hurtado. And that’s just the beginning. Times art critic Christopher Knight describes the show as the best Hammer biennial yet. Do. Not. Miss. Through Sep. 2. 10899 Wilshire Blvd., Westwood, Los Angeles,

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Datebook: A closeup of dust, artistry of the Black Panther Party and celebrating the male physique
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