Fantasy Baseball: Top 10 Sleeper Hitters For Week 16 Feature Yuli Gurriel, Albert Almora

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Every once in a while, we'll have a week where a team or two gets to play eight games. 

Obviously, it's unusual with only seven days in a week, but on those occasions when a rainout is rescheduled for a week with no off days, boom, you get eight.

Remember all those rainouts back in April? They're coming home to roost in Week 16 (July 9-15), when a whopping six teams are in line to play eight games.

That's good news for all the hitters on those teams, even if some of those eight games happen to be against high-end pitchers. An extra chance against a good pitcher is still better than no chance at all. That's not to say the Orioles, Brewers, Mets, Yankees, Phillies and Pirates are all in the top five matchups for this week, but they'd all be in the top 10.

And if you own Nelson Cruz, you may need to turn to one of those teams' hitters as a replacement. The Mariners will spend half of this week in an NL park, and considering their primary DH hasn't logged a single inning in the outfield this season, he'll likely have to come off the bench in those games.