GA Farm Provides Alternative Healing For Vets With PTSD

A recent recruiting fair drew several people from the community who came out to learn more before signing up as volunteers.


"Volunteers that are specifically working on admin, outreach for veterans so we can start growing our database on what veterans need," said Jackson.

Jackson says the farm is his outdoor doctor's office not in the four walls of a clinic.

The 25 acres of farm land in middle Georgia will also hold RV campers to give housing to the veterans that are working and getting help here on the farm.

So far, Jackson says more than 150 veterans have received help from being on the farm, including Timothy Anderson. For him, agriculture and farming is a soothing process.

"You're working to grow something knowing that the end product is going to be healthy for other people and yourself," said Timothy Anderson.

Anderson struggles with PTSD, Traumatic brain injury and Depression. He retired from the military after losing his leg in a motorcycle accident 11 years ago.  He's had a hand in  helping Jackson put together the farm.

"We get along. I helped built the hutches over there. I had something to do versus sitting at home not doing nothing and waiting," said Anderson.

The farm is named in tribute to Captain Kyle A. Comfort, an Army Ranger friend of Jackson whom he served with on the battlegrounds.

Comfort was killed in action in 2010 in Afghanistan.

"It's really passing on his legacy of how great of a guy he was through his name and farm. And for guys to come here and have comfort, it's just awesome," said Jackson.

For the marine, Scott Kennedy who didn't think he needed help before he was diagnosed with PTSD in 2012, he's ready to make positive changes to his life after hiding away from the world.

"I knew I wanted to live," Kennedy said. 

Kennedy says its the coping skills and techniques he's learning at Comfort Farms that will give him the tools he needs to succeed and stand on his own.

STAG Vets an acronym for Strength to Achieve Greatness was based in Columbus before relocating to Milledgeville earlier this year.

The land Comfort Farms used was donated by Maranatha Outreach, a non-profit to help homeless people who have alcohol and drug addictions. 

Comfort Farms is open seven days a week.

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