How To Win The Public Policy Debate, And The Annual Government Agency Funding Battles For The Bioeconomy

By Craig (CJ) Evans, Managing Director, American Diversified Energy Consulting Services, Accredited Member, Lee Enterprises Consulting

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More than almost any other industry, financing for the bioeconomy is heavily influenced by and, in many cases, reliant on favorable public policies.

Everyone involved in the bioeconomy – companies, entrepreneurs, visionaries, vendors, employees, and local communities – should be aware of, keep track of, and speak up for their interests about public policy issues that affect the bioeconomy.

This goes for all issues related to the bioeconomy. Some companies advocate aggressively for a single issue, such as the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), but are missing in action on other issues. Federal support (and state support as well) is made up of a network of programs. Lose one program, and opponents become emboldened. They step up attacks on other programs, and support for the bioeconomy begins to weaken through a process of attrition.

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How to Win the Public Policy Debate, and the Annual Government Agency Funding Battles for the Bioeconomy
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