Pick Up Balenciaga’s Soon To Be Sold Out Sneaker Before Anyone Else

The Balenciaga “Track” sneaker, which is available in three colorways, taps into the hiking sneaker trend that we’ve also seen from fashion labels like Our Legacy and Alyx (see Alyx designer Matthew Williams's just-unveiled Nike hikers. Even straight-up trekking sneakers by ROA and Salomon are worn by some of today’s most stylish tastemakers. And there is definitely a distinct vintage trek shoe vibe here: the multi-paneled upper, the super grippy outsole, the extreme lace-up vamp. It’s unlikely we’ll see a sneaker as big (no pun intended) as the Triple S disappear from the scene, but Balenciaga’s new “Track” sneaker directly speaks to menswear’s very of-the-moment obsession with the great outdoors. So expect see a lot more of it in street style photos across the globe later this year.

Source : https://www.gq.com/story/balenciaga-trek-sneaker-how-to-get

Pick Up Balenciaga’s Soon-To-Be Sold Out Sneaker Before Anyone Else
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