The Top 10 NYC Gallery Shows Of 2015

In a world that has increasingly become computerized and mechanized, old-fashioned individualism seems hard to come by.

Even in the art world, a recent flood of interchangeable, high-yield art units, er artworks, had many worried about the future of said art world. The emphasis in Contemporary art, in many circles, seemed to turn toward anonymous numbers and away from the living, breathing, sweaty, neurotic object-makers that inspire through sheer creative force.

Yet oddly enough, 2015 saw the art world once again embrace its freak flag. A “return to figuration” was heralded, but this was really beyond the endgame image; what we saw was a clamoring for all things that set us apart and make us weird in surprising—and yes, beautiful—ways.

These are the top 10 gallery shows—of Contemporary art—that stood out for these reasons, and more.

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The Top 10 NYC Gallery Shows of 2015
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