Transit Advocates Release Policy Wish List For 2018 Candidates Vying For State Office

Funding the overhaul of the city’s decaying, delayed subway system should be the top priority of anyone running for office in New York, transit advocates said Tuesday.

Eight transit groups, including the Straphangers Campaign, Transportation Alternatives and the Riders Alliance released their wish list of transit policies for candidates running in every state post — including the governor and Legislature.

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Paramount to all is paying for NYC Transit President Andy Byford’s subway makeover plan called Fast Forward, which could cost up to $37 billion over 10 years. The prime way to bankroll it would be a congestion pricing plan on drivers. Lawmakers passed a congestion fee on for-hire trips in Manhattan below 96th St. in a budget deal reached in March.

“Eight of New York's leading transportation advocates have come together to tell candidates running for state office — this is how you fix transportation in New York,” Riders Alliance director John Raskin said. “The question voters should be asking the candidates is, are you on board?”

Other priorities on the six-point list are the expansion of lanes for bus and Access-A-Ride vehicles, handicapped accessible stations and taxis, street safety changes and protections for cyclists, New York funds to pay for new Hudson River tunnels and a transit lockbox to keep money from being diverted away from the MTA.

“What we need is bold leadership in Albany to help restore and advance the quality of public transportation here in New York,” Straphangers Campaign’s Jaqi Cohen said. “This includes supporting and fully funding NYC Transit’s Fast Forward plan.”

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