We Looked Back At Every Pixar Movie To See How Many Actually Had Female Main Characters

It’s scientifically proven that men are more likely to try and make people laugh. That’s a fact. A better fact, though, is that their jokes are far more likely to fall flat than those of the so-called fairer sex: that’s right, women are (according to science) more consistently funny.

Yet, despite all of this, a lot of men persist in claiming that they know far more about comedy than women. Remember when Jim Davidson said he didn’t know >any female comedians? Or when Christopher Hitchens patronisingly insisted that, “bless their tender hearts”, women just aren’t as funny as men? Or, y’know, when misogynists everywhere decided to unleash all of their vitriol and hatred into the internet after it was announced there was an all-female >Ghostbusters in the works?

We suspect that the patriarchy is all too aware of womankind’s innate funniness – and, desperate to keep it at bay, are keen to squash it with lukewarm compliments and outright insults. All of which makes it even more amazing that the women in this film are allowed to be furiously funny, quick-as-a-whip, and ready with a sarcastic zinger or one-liner, no matter how dire the situation.

Source : https://www.stylist.co.uk/life/hocus-pocus-feminist-film-halloween-movie-sarah-jessica-parker-bette-midler-child-free-witches-feminism/72916

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